Marie Dressler

born: 09 November 1868
Cobourg, Ontario,
died: 28 July 1934
Santa Barbara, California,
United States of America
(cancer, age 65)

Canadian actress with the kind of face that could crack a mirror. There is some dispute to her actual birth year. According to most sources and the document as to the history of the house, she was born in 1868; Other sources say 1869. At least one scientist says that her baptismal records give 1863, and to further confuse the issue, 1871 is given on her grave.
Although she was a lesbian, she married two men (George Hoppert 1894-1896, divorced with 1 child) and James H. Dalton (1908-1921 his death) but she was romantically involved with stage actress Claire DuBrey for many years. Marie won the Best Actress Oscar for "Min And Bill" (1930).
Real name: Leila Marie Koerber
Height: 5'7"
Films listed on this page: 1 film with Laurel & Hardy;
plus 1 film with Charley Chase.



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