Series: George Rowe

Director: Nicholas T. Barrows
Producer: Hal Roach
Titles: H.M. Walker (?)

Stars: George Rowe, Ethel Broadhurst, Mark Jones, Ernest Morrison
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 19 March 1922
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: C-29
Filming dates: Initial filming ended August 26, 1921;
retakes December 5,17 & 30, 1921

Rating: 1/10

High Tide

Professor Pepper (GEORGE ROWE) arrives with his black boy servant (ERNEST MORRISON) on an island inhabited by natives. Dressed in hunting gear and armed with his rifle he parades along the beach and finds a couple (MARK JONES, ETHEL BROADHURST) who have just washed up on shore. The professor takes the boy to hunt rabbits and after shooting one he discovers the rabbit is still alive and that he had missed his aim due to being cross-eyed. A native finds the two stranded people on the beach and brings them back to the camp where the tribe clunk the man and tie the woman up.
The professor takes aim at something off camera but he flies backwards into a bush with the force of his shot. There, he gets acquainted with a bear which then chases him out. The creature chases the professor and his servant to a small tree where they try to escape it and then into a cave, where the boy eventually shoots it (only in America can a young child have a gun!) The professor is captured by two tribesmen who lead him back to their camp. Meanwhile Sunshine Sammy roughs up another boy from the tribe before trying to rescue the professor from certain death-by-cooking. The tribe see Sammy and think he is a god but this is short-lived when the leader returns and chases him away. Sammy hides in a tree and clonks every tribe member as they run underneath him (this is just ludicrous, as he misses most of the times). Mark Jones rescues Ethel Broadhurst but leave George Rowe dangling from a tree. Sunshine Sammy comes back and the four of them all escape to the beach. In the final scene of this wretched film, Sammy clubs a rubber duck in the sea (he actually misses, just like when he was clubbing the tribesmen in the tree), and then shoots a rifle into the air before a dozen rubber ducks fall from the sky. I NEVER WANT TO WATCH THIS SHIT EVER AGAIN!

Favourite bit
It's every man for himself as George Rowe pushes Ernest Morrison out of the way in order to save himself from the bear.

Copyrighted March 25, 1922.
This was the only film released in the George Rowe series.
The professor arrives on the island wearing a robot suit which, like George Rowe, has crossed-eyes!
Mark Jones just sits in the cooking pot. Makes absolutely no attempt to escape for his life, but rather just sits and waits to be cooked alive. Dumb.
My opinion
Absolutely crap. Ethel Broadhurst looks bored, Mark Jones looks stupid. It's an awful ten minutes to sit through. I couldn't think of one single positive thing to say about it.

George Rowe
Professor Pepper from Salt Lake
Ethel Broadhurst
Miss Hope Knot
Mark Jones
Y. Knot
Ernest Morrison
The pickaninny
(as Sunshine Sammy)

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