Series: Paul Parrott

Director: George Jeske
Producer: Hal Roach

Stars: James Parrott, Judy King, Eddie Baker
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 18 March 1923
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: C-82
Filming dates: January 4-12, 1923
Rating: 5/10

For Safe Keeping

The boss gets some papers out of the office safe whilst Paul rummages around in a bin to find a cigar. But Paul accidentally backs into the boss's discarded cigar and catches his trousers on fire which the secretary has to extinguish with some water, which just happened to be readily available. He is sent on an errand to deliver the important papers to the bank in his satchel but when he gets there the bank is closed. Paul gets jittery every time he bumps into a stranger; firstly the janitor and then a pedestrian asking for directions. Paul runs home and when a delivery man knocks on his door Paul jumps into his bed and hides. Paul then escapes through his second-storey window when the maid comes but he then loses his satchel after putting it down briefly on a car which then drives off (the pedestrian from earlier). Paul gives chase and jumps into the moving vehicle but abandons it when the driver pulls out a gun.
Paul finds himself in a rough neighborhood and drops his satchel when he trips over, allowing a small monkey to climb inside it and hide. Eventually Paul runs into a police station for refuge from a man who challenges him in the street. A jail guard shows Paul to a cell with three convicts. After a brief scuffle, one of the prisoners uses his customized trombone as a hacksaw to chip away at the bars on the cell window. When the bar is removed they shove Paul through the open window before following him to their escape. The three cons, plus an accomplice (Jack Ackroyd) usher Paul into the office where he works and tie up the secretary and then go to work on trying to open the safe. With Paul's assistance they break open the safe and flee with its contents. However, when the crooks get outside they realise their satchel is empty and so return to the office. The secretary turns out the lights, sparks fly and when the lights come back on all four men are lying on the ground after being whacked over their heads by a monkey brandishing a bat.

Favourite bit
When Paul hears a knock at the door he jumps into his bed, which then collapses.

Copyrighted February 26, 1923.
One source lists Jobyna Ralston as being in the film (presumably as the secretary?) This would make sense as Ralston was the leading lady in many of the previous films in the series. However, film historian Steve Massa tells me that he believes this to be Canadian actress Judy King. Fellow historian Richard Bann also stated he too did not think it was Ralston.
The prisoners are afforded the luxury of keeping a trombone in their cell.
Paul works for Cosmopolitan Brokerage Co.
Having a trombone in your cell is one thing but does somebody want to explain to me where on earth George Rowe got a pistol from?!
My opinion
Reasonable. Although the plot has its stupidity element, it also is quite entertaining as well. Was pleasantly surprised.

James Parrott
Judy King
Eddie Baker
Large convict
Sammy Brooks
George Rowe
Cross-eyed convict
Chris Lynton
The boss
Jack Ackroyd
Gang accomplice
Harry Tenbrook
Al Forbes
Delivery man
Marvin Loback
Truck driver


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Tommie Hicks (help)
Steve Massa (identification of Judy King and Harry Tenbrook)
Jesse Brisson (identification of Marvin Loback and Al Forbes)

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