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The Stranger
King Bee Studios

Release date:
1 January 1918
  Silent short:
2 reels
Arvid E. Gillstrom
Rex Taylor
Louis Burstein
James L. Mendelson
DVD image
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....... The prospector (Billy West) sits on his mule alongside his sweetheart Susie (Leatrice Joy), who is seated upon a white horse in a small western town square.  She rides off to find her father, the sheriff of the town, who is escorting a drunken civilian back to his house.
The prospector looks smitten with the young lady, smelling her scent on his gloves after she has left.  Looking around he sees a small restaurant but then reveals his pockets are empty.  A second scan of the area reveals a pawn shop.  The prospector rides into the shop on his mule and dismounts.  The startled shopkeeper offers him a small amount of money for the animal, but the prospector appears to take offence, even to the point of covering his mule's ears.
The prospector begrudgingly accepts the offer of money and lovingly kisses the creature goodbye.  A second attempt to kiss the mule almost results in a mouth-to-rear-end connection!
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•Working title, and possibly previewed as The Prospector. [source: Rob Stone]
•Filmed in Hollywood, California, USA.
•Some sources give a release date of December 29, 1917 (King Bee announced it as January 1, 1918).  But as with all states' rights releases, actual dates vary from region to region. [source: Rob Stone]
Did you notice?
•The two establishments in which the prospector considers upon arrival in the town are Joe's Restaurant (Quick Lunch) and Uncle Jack's Pawn Shop.

Billy West
The prospector
Leatrice Joy
Susie, the sheriff's daughter
  Budd Ross
Susie's father
Oliver Hardy
Oliver, the saloon keeper
  Leo White
The greaser
Joe Bordeaux
Pawn shop clerk

Joe Bordeaux is my own observation

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