Series: The Dippy Doo Dads

Director: Len Powers
Producer: Hal Roach

Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 10 June 1923
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: C-88
Filming dates: February 10-24, 1923
Rating: 1/10

The Watch Dog

The second film in the series begins with a monkey called 'Hungry Slim' who goes in search of food and finds a goat in a field tied to a post. However, a barking dog distracts Slim who hops on over to where the dog is sitting besides a grocery store. The monkey decides he has to get the dog away from the stall so that he can get to the peanuts. Slim climbs up on a ledge and finds some cheese before throwing it over to the dog, who in turn picks it up and goes to bury it. Slim jumps upon the dog's back and rides him despite the dog's protests. The monkey then dares the dog to chase him and runs off and jumps over a fence. Just then the goat breaks loose and joins in the fun, along with the dog who has given chase. After hiding in a bread container, the dog and goat creep up on the monkey, but he escapes and is later seen peeking around the corner wearing a fake beard and smoking a pipe (I'm not making this up!) The monkey then flees and entices the dog and goat to follow him up a ladder and across a girder. The monkey thinks he has eluded his enemy by climbing down a telegraph pole and arriving back at the unguarded store though he is soon rejoined by them. Slim then tries to lure the goat away with tin cans, whilst enlisting the help of Phoebe (a cat) to distract the dog, who has resumed his position outside the store. It works, and Slim stuffs his face with nuts to the point where his gut is fit to bursting. The film ends with a sick Slim returning to his home and complaining about how the peanuts "came over with Columbus".

Favourite bit
A monkey wearing a fake beard whilst smoking a pipe simply has to be acknowledged!

Copyrighted June 6, 1923.
Also listed as production CA-88.
This was the second film in the series.
My opinion
Utter nonsense.


Tommie Hicks (review copy)

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