Series: Babe Hardy

Director: Ward Hayes
Producer: Billy West
Writer: Ward Hayes
Photography: Harry M. Fowler

Stars: Bobby Ray, Oliver Hardy
Company: Cumberland Productions/Arrow Film Corporation
Released: 01 March 1925
Length: 2 reels
Production No.:
Filming dates:
Rating: -/10

Stick Around

A well-dressed gentleman (BOBBY RAY) is seen getting out of a chauffeur-driven expensive car by two onlooking ladies who are seated nearby on a park bench. They excitedly invite him over to join them and after a little bit of awkwardness he asks if the ladies would like to join him for a ride. They agree and as they walk towards the car he just got out of, it pulls away to reveal his own car behind it. Feeling deceived, one of the ladies punches him in the face, leaving him flat out in the road. He gets up and cranks the engine and the car seems to have a mind of its own, as it speeds off down the street - backwards! A wealthy gentleman walking along the street spots an attractive woman on the opposite side as their eyes meet. She powders her nose as the man makes his way towards her. Cue the out-of-control car, as it rams into him and covers his face and suit in oil and dust. Oblivious to the face-painting he has received the man embraces the woman, who naturally doesn't recognise him and smacks him one for his troubles!
Next, it is 9:10am as the boss of the paperhanger's store (BABE HARDY) is pacing frantically up and down awaiting his partner (Ray) to arrive. Back at the sanitarium, rubble falls from the ceiling on top of the head doctor (HARRY McCOY) who declares his intentions to get the room re-papered. Cut to Bobby Ray pulling up in his car outside his workplace as Hardy still paces up and down waiting for him. When his back is turned, Ray sneaks in behind Hardy and sits at his desk, pretending to have been there all the while. The boss pins up his employee on a nail on the shelf as the telephone rings. The doctor at the sanitarium offers them the job of sorting out the mess in his hospital. Boss Hardy unhooks Ray from the shelf and the whole lot comes tumbling down into one huge pile of mess of wallpaper.
The duo of Hardy and Ray head off on foot down the road lugging their cart of wallpaper behind them when a workman tries to signal them about a drainage hole in the centre of the road. Of course they don't notice it and down Bobby Ray goes. A pedestrian stops to ask Hardy directions and the cart begins a see-saw effect with him holding one end (temporarily) with his partner on the other end, down the manhole. Visually this is quite a good gag and carries on for a short while, but long enough for it to start getting repetitive and predictable. An ambulance has been called by the street worker but when the crew arrive and find their suspected patient has up-and-left the scene, the doctor hits him over the head with his case and takes the worker away on a stretcher instead.
Meanwhile, Hardy and Ray continue their journey on foot up a steep hill with the paper cart - only to then realise they have climbed the wrong hill! Ray lets go of the cart as it crashes into a circus promoter who is posting on a billboard at the bottom of the hill. After the formal apologies, the duo leave with their cart (not realising of course they have grabbed the other guys' similar-looking cart by mistake, which happens to have circus posters loaded on it). Eventually they arrive at the sanitarium, where a nurse attends to an elderly patient with an outrageously long beard. The head doctor informs Hardy he wants the room papered 'artisticly' so the men set about looking around where to start. Two awkward patients are nearby; one is seated near the wall and is asked to move so that access to the wall is possible. He puts up an umbrella and walks off. Then things get really strange, as Bobby Ray pulls loaded buckets and a stepladder straight out of his tiny briefcase, knocking over the second patient in the process. Others come to observe as the doctor gets covered in paint and the bearded patient gets mistaken for a towel. As things settle down, a nurse enters the room and begins to flirt with Bobby Ray as Hardy takes to reading the newspaper. He quickly intervenes in their discussion but she insists on knowing who the assistant is. They are introduced and after she kisses him, Ray falls backwards into a bucket of water.

Favourite bit
Bobby Ray has fallen down a manhole in the road as he pulls the paper cart behind him. Oliver Hardy then uses the rear of the cart as a see-saw to pull him out of the hole, but is momentarily distracted when a pedestrian asks him for directions. His lapse of concentration means that poor Bobby, who is hanging on for dear life at the other end, keeps disappearing down the hole.

Released in a cut down version as The Paper Hanger's Helper.
Some sources claim the film was released in 1924.
Blatz And Blatz is the name of the paperhanger's company.
Bobby Ray ends up falling down the manhole a total of six times.

Bobby Ray
Paperhanger's helper
Oliver Hardy
Hazel Newman
Nurse Zenia Zane
Charles Meakin
Gentleman in street
Harry McCoy
Dr. Brown
Lady #1 on bench
Lady #2 on bench
Lady in street
Street worker
Patient with long beard

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Laurel Or Hardy by Rob Stone (book)
Jesse Brisson (identification of Charles Meakin)

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