Gaylord Lloyd's short-lived series with Hal Roach ran for just 5 films in 1921.  The series was a failed attempt to revive his younger brother's "Lonesome Luke" character, only with the older brother playing the leading miscreant.  Some of the films appear to be remakes of the original Lonesome Luke shorts, for example: LUKE'S TROLLEY TROUBLES = Gaylord's TROLLEY TROUBLES?  Also, LONESOME LUKE, PLUMBER = THE LUCKY NUMBER.

Screenshots from some of the films can be found on this page.

(all Rolin/Pathé)


Rough Seas  [D-2]  (25 Sep 1921)
The Lucky Number  [D-5]  (02 Oct 1921)
A Zero Hero  [D-4]  (09 Oct 1921)
Dodge Your Debts  [D-3]  (16 Oct 1921)
Trolley Troubles  [D-1]  (23 Oct 1921)