Series: Stan Laurel

Director: Scott Pembroke
Producer: Joe Rock
Photography: Edgar Lyons

Stars: Stan Laurel, Julie Leonard, Glen Cavender
Company: Standard Photoplay Company/Selznick Distributing Company
Released: 30 April 1925
Length: 2 reels
Production No.:
Filming dates:
Rating: 4/10
The Snow Hawk


Stan falls in love with the daughter of the storekeeper whom he works for. But when he offers her marriage (in a rather sweet little note he has written for) she rejects him in favour of the next man who walks into the store; a villain in uniform by the name of 'Midnight Mike'. Clearly offended by the woman's choice, Stan tries to sabotage the chocolates she is sharing with the rival by putting moth balls into the box, but the plan backfires when she offers him one of the 'chocolates' which he is obliged to accept. When the woman's back is turned, Midnight Mike steals the contents of the safe which has been left open, just as Stan re-appears dressed in full mountie uniform in an attempt to make the woman jealous.
He nails a wanted poster to the door which attracts the attention of the accused, who upon seeing it promises to go out and find the criminal (so that he can escape with the contents of the safe he just robbed). Undeterred, Stan volunteers to go with him despite Mike's refusal, resulting in them both outside ankle deep in the thick snow. As Stan entices the man into a game of hide n' seek he becomes the victim of a snowball with a concealed knife which hits him in the posterior. Eventually Stan cottons on to the fact that the guy is the man he is looking for in the wanted poster and brings him back to the store in handcuffs just in time for the cops to arrive and congratulate Stan. Stan wins the storekeeper's daughter when he is regarded as the hero.

Favourite bit

Filmed at Arrowhead Lake (San Bernadino Mountains), California, USA.
Julie Leonard replaced Anita Garvin as the storekeeper's daughter after she fell ill.
The title of the film is a parody on the 1924 film The Sea Hawk.
What the experts say
"Not bad.... for a Stan Laurel film." ~ Lord Heath.

Stan Laurel
Stan, the mountie
Julie Leonard
Storekeeper's daughter
Glen Cavender
Midnight Mike


Laurel Or Hardy by Rob Stone (book)

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