Series: Paul Parrott

Director: Ray Grey
Producer: Hal Roach

Stars: James Parrott, Ernest Morrison, George Rowe, Mark Jones, Ethel Broadhurst
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 10 January 1926
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: C-30
Filming dates: August 29 - September 3, 1921
Rating: 4/10

Between Meals

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The Globetrotter (James Parrott), who claims to have visited every seaport in the world (except Omaha) pokes his head out of a hatch, takes a look around at the sea with his telescope and then calls up his friend Sunshine Sammy (Ernest Morrison) to look through the hole he is standing through. As the camera pulls back we see they are in fact riding on a train along the coast. When the train stops they get off and befriend a well-dressed gentleman who offers to buy them food at a grocery store but all is not quite what it seems. As Jimmy and Sammy fill their pockets with fruit, a couple of policeman come by and take the gentleman away, claiming that he is crazy. Elsewhere, "the lover" (George Rowe) is having a disagreement with his woman (Ethel Broadhurst) on the street corner. As they walk off George is grabbed by a bunch of men, taken away to a yard and roughed-up.
Jimmy and Sammy happen to stumble upon the assault when the gang spot them. The two run off and are chased by the five men, through a lumber yard, the street and finally the rail station. The chase continues until Paul and Sammy jump into a small pond, followed by the gang.
The guys escape into the street and down a service hatch in the sidewalk, only to be brought back out in a cabinet by a shop worker.  James and Sammy then hide in a set of tyres in front of a store before being discovered by the gang.  The chase continues, with James and Sammy running down parrallel alleys and bumping into one another, and then leading the gang into a tunnel where a car runs into them all.
James and Sammy pass a road block where guys are carrying out a controlled explosion.  The five gang members are nailed by the detonation and as James sits by the side of the road with Sammy they count the five hats which appear to fall from the sky (and side of the screen to the eagle-eyed observer), confirming their demise.
James pulls out a sandwich and together with Sammy they wander on over to the fruit stall they visited earlier.  The previously-seen George Rowe spots them and joins them.  He asks to buy James's sandwich and hands him some money and walks off.  Unfortunately, and for the second time that day, James does not have enough money to pay for his groceries.

Favourite bit
A well-dressed elderly gentleman takes pity on James and Sammy when they are down on their luck by offering to buy them some food.  Unfortunately, he has no intention of keeping his promise with the intervention of two policeman who claim the man is crazy.
Didn't see that coming!

Copyrighted December 16, 1922.
At least one source lists a release date of January 3, 1926.
The release of the film was held back for over four years.
The opening shot of the film with James Parrott looking out of the hatch is a con because in the subsequent shot it is revealed he is in motion on a train. No such movement is suggested in the establishing shot.
When James Parrott jumps down off the stationary train, he is holding Ernest Morrison in his arms. Watching the scene back in slow motion it is seen that this was genuine with no cutaway to a stunt double, making it a decent stunt performed by the actor, whilst holding a child.
The small round pond that James jumps into (followed by everybody else) is located at the front of the Hal Roach Studios. That is the Admin block in the background.

James Parrott
In Trouble
Ernest Morrison
In Need
George Rowe
The Lover
Mark Jones
In Bad
Ethel Broadhurst
Lover's woman
Sam Lufkin
Gang member


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Steve Massa (identification of Ethel Broadhurst)

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