Patrick Kelly
born: circa 1858-1864
United States of America
died: 06 June 1935
Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center,
Downey, California,
United States of America
(chronic myocarditis, age 70s)
American actor, who frequented Mack Sennett comedies alongside his wife Fanny Kelly.
Approximate birth years: 1858 (1930 Census), 1860 (death certificate), and 1864 (1920 Census).
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One Of The Family
Maid's father

Near Dublin
Old Man Dugan

High Society
Patrick 'Shamrock' Kelly

Jesse Brisson (help and research)
S.R. Wright (help and assistance)
Steve Massa (for identifying Lincoln Plummer as the judge in Jewish Prudence in placement of Patrick Kelly) rk:/61903/1:1:MHQX-4DV (1920 Census, line 65 - born c. 1864) rk:/61903/1:1:XCJT-FX7 (1930 Census, line 31 - born c. 1858) rk:/61903/1:1:QKS9-7D7J (CA Death Index #35072 - born c. 1860) rk:/61903/3:1:3QS7-89SF-52MW (death certificate - born c. 1860 - "abt." 75 years old)

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