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-Part 3 (of 5) of Chris Bungo's 'Then & Now' video series for Our Gang's Your Own Back Yard is now up on his YouTube channel.
-There may be a delay in upgrading all the On This Day film releases' pages today due to being very busy, but I'll try and get them done by the end of the day.
-Due to being extremely busy today I don't have time to do much on the site, but I have updated all the film pages on the On This Day section so they are all now in the correct format.
-Bio update and new film added for Elizabeth Mackey (2) - who now has a much better profile image!
-Page format now correct for Treasure Blues (1935), plus 3 more cast members added: Sam Lufkin (95), Betty Danko (18) and Hubert Diltz (4). [thanks Jesse]
-Page format now correct for Liberty (1929). I shall add the intertitle cards with my next viewing of the film. That page was a mess. Fixed now.
-Sad news to report that Ardith Dondanville has passed away, aged 92. Thanks to Bob Peterson for passing this info on to me.
-1 film credit removed ("Shivering Shakespeare") for Vern Trimble (3).
-1 film credit removed ("Shivering Shakespeare") for Carlton Griffin (16).
-1 film credit removed ("Shivering Shakespeare"), and 1 added for Art Stevenson (1).
-Page bio, with dates and references up now for Sheila Hayward [Jesse Brisson].
-Make that 21 credits now for Cy Slocum!
-Added all the cast screenshots for An All-American Toothache (1936) - with a lot of help from Jesse.
-New film credits added for Ham Kinsey (65), Cy Slocum (20), Pete Gordon (17), Bill Madsen (6), Elizabeth Rhodes (2), Hugh Saxon (2).
-Added Francis Sayles, Manny Vezie and Sue Gomes to the site.
-Added 3 lobby cards for the Todd/Kelly film Bum Voyage (1934). This is stuff I have had sitting on my hard drive for years. It's about time I started uploading it all!
-Major page overhaul and tidying up for Shivering Shakespeare. All links fixed, all screenshots restored to their original black & white tones (I have removed the blue tint I added a few years ago which allowed for me to easily spot theft on the IMDb). Found Pete Gordon, added new actors (some need their own pages, which I hope to have done by the end of the day), added a poster and DVD & Blu-Ray details. Took over 2 hours to do just this one page! Big credit goes to Robert Demoss for his work on documenting this film on his site.
-Thanks to Steve Wright Steve Wright for another very helpful donation. About donations: I don't expect them, but I do appreciate each and every one.
-Added 2 stills for Putting Pants On Philip [Peter Mikkelsen].
-New films found for Chester Bachman (42) and Vernon Wizeman (2).
-Birth date added for Ardith Dondanville. [Bob Peterson]
-Added Carl Miller and Alta Allen to the site.
-Photo and bio improvement for Buff Jones [Jim Jarvis].
-Tidied up the pages for all the "On This Day" releases, including Laurel & Hardy's Helpmates (1932), having removed half the plot summary text (it was incredibly long). Also added a new poster, still and 2 alternate title cards (Film Classics and Blackhawk).
-Added the principal cast screenshots for Snub Pollard's Whirl O' The West (1921).
-New film credit found for Mark Jones (74).
-Thanks to Brian Barr for another helpful monthly donation.
-Added the missing page for Glenn Tryon's Two-Time Mama (1927), along with 2 posters and a lobby card.
-Part 2 (of 5) of Chris Bungo's 'Then & Now' video series for Our Gang's Your Own Back Yard is now up on his YouTube channel.
-New film credits added for Fay Holderness (20), Arthur Housman (13) and Jack Norton (7). These are not new film discoveries, but rather, film credits that were accidentally missing from their individual pages.
-Two more films found for Ruth Cherrington (3). [Jesse]
-Added Marjorie Riordan to the site.
-Slight correction made, and new film credit added for birthday gal Rebel Randall.
-Viewed and reviewed the Musical Comedy A Duke For A Day (1934). Poor film but it does have one great, wet highlight!
-Added Theresa Harris to the site.
-New film credits found for Dick Gilbert (79) and Estelle Etterre* (20). [*Richard W. Bann]
-Bio update and photo added for Aileen Manning. [Jim Jarvis]
-Straightened up all the pages on the "On This Day" section, as I do every day. This included the Pitts/Todd film, Asleep In The Feet, which I have now scrapped the original plot summary notes (which were not written by me), upgraded all the screenshots (including the extended scroll in the opening credits) and added several new actors, courtesy of Jesse. Including: Clara Guiol (52), Ed Brandenburg (44), Bob Minford (26), Cy Slocum (19), William J. O'Brien (16), Charlie Phillips (9), Charles Millsfield (4), Helen Dale (3).
-Viewed and reviewed Harold Lloyd's The Big Idea (1918), which was released 105 years ago today.
-Extended bio and cause of death added for Vera Lewis. [Jim Jarvis]
-New film credit added for Rolfe Sedan (29).
-Correction for year of birth updated for Sidney D'Albrook. [Jim Jarvis]
-Extra information added to the bio of Fred Karno Jr.. [Jim Jarvis]
-Added this still for Love's Young Scream (1919).
-After consultation with Richard W. Bann and showing him the relevant footage from "Deaf, Dumb And Daffy" he has positively ruled out the truck driver being Hal Roach but has suggested a 50% certainty of it being possibly JACK Roach?
-Added the page for Our Gang's Anniversary Trouble (1935), which up until now was blank. Yay! It only took me nearly 12 years! Some of the cast already have their screenshots on their own pages so they are also showing on the film page. One actor in the cast needs his own individual page, which I shall do tomorrow. Some uncertainty surrounding this film's release date so JANUARY 19TH may be wrong? Different sources give very different dates.
-Added some of the missing screenshots of cast members from Our Gang's Mike Fright (1934), which means we now have shots of Frank LaRue, Isabel La Mal and William Irving. In addition to this, I have now added Billie Van Every to the site. Not even 10am yet!
-New credits (or rather I had just missed off adding a particular film on their page) for James Parrott (144) and Dick Sutherland (5). [thanks Jesse]
-Oops! I realized I had left Lilian Bond's name off the Actors' A-Z page. Fixed now. Sorry Lilian!
-Big thanks to Jim Jarvis for another very generous donation. My god that really did help a lot! Very grateful.
-Viewed and reviewed The Spat Family's Deaf, Dumb And Daffy (1924). [thanks John Benson]
-New film credits discovered for Helen Gilmore (111) and Jules Mendel (25).
-Added J.H. Wells and Sheila Hayward to the site. [thanks Jesse Brisson, Robert Demoss]
-Correct character and screenshot now added for Charles Lloyd in Bring Home The Turkey.
-Viewed and reviewed Snub Pollard's The Big Idea (1924).
-I have created a new page dedicated to the Unknowns! My intention is to add all of the unidentified actors from each film on the site* (*only the Hal Roach films) all on one page. Okay, I think I am taking this "motivated" attitude a bit too far now. This is only an IDEA at this time. I'll see how I feel about this going forward.
-Jim Jarvis has submitted a bio write-up, including real name and height for recent inductee George Calliga.
-Birthday boy Eddie Craven now has a face (and a corrected year of birth), thanks to Jim Jarvis.
-Just want to point out that my pledge to have all pages 'fixed' by the end of the year means all the broken links to be restored for easy-flowing navigation. I am doing this every day with every entry that ends up on the On This Day section. The page for Bebe Daniels has several entries that don't have links (which need them, of course), but the links that are on her page all work. That was what I meant.
-You may notice on the page for Bring 'Em Back A Wife that I have a small section before the plot summary that has "In a nutshell". This was something I experimented with some years back and I'm thinking of maybe reintroducing it for all film reviews. Feedback on this will be welcome, whether it's for or against.
-Separated the one montage image of location shots from Spook-Spoofing into separate images. Little tweaks such as this are examples of my work to improve the site.
-New "Then & Now" video from Chris Bungo released: Our Gang's Your Own Back Yard.
-Separated the montaged locations shots from Tire Trouble into 25 separate images, which I think looks much better now.
-Corrected the chronological order of films for Jack Ackroyd.
-I just realised that the three films in the Snub Pollard series from 1924 were absent from his menu page. Have now fixed this.
-Not only have I added and repaired the page for Snub Pollard's The Big Idea (1924) but have also added all the cast screenshots and found Al Forbes as well, bringing his new total of Roach credits to 15.
-Fixed all the broken links and tidied up the pages for Tire Trouble and Oliver The Eighth.
-Header image, bio write-up and film ID for Jean Foley. [Jesse]
-Added stills, posters, a lobby card and several members of the cast for Topper Takes A Trip: Diana Arden, Marie Barde, Alexander D'Arcy, Armand Kaliz, Nanette Bordeaux, Jimmy Colman, Mike Donovan, George Calliga, Tom Ferrandini, Jean Foley, Joe Gilbert, Herschel Graham, Rose Heitner, King Lockwood, Tony Merlo, Torben Meyer, George Nardell, Roger Neury, Fred Rapport, Count Stefenelli, Jacques Vanaire and Asta (a dog).
-Jesse has identified Charles Bimbo (whose birthday it is today - see On This Day section), and added two more film credits to his list.
-Page update for Ann Lewis. [Jesse]
-New film credits added for Patrick Kelly (4), André Cheron (2), George Davis (2), George Humbert (2), Audrey Carol (2), Leotta Lorraine (2), Hans Moebus (2).
-Several new cast spotted by Jesse (gotta give him credit, this guy is pretty important to the success of this website!) in Charley Chase's His Silent Racket (1933). Specifically, that means new credits for: Ellinor Vanderveer (34), Ernie Alexander (26), Bob Minford (25), Pete Gordon (16), Charles McMurphy (15), Charlie Phillips (8). I have also updated and added to the Back Lot shots from the film, some more trivia notes and the risqué shot of Anita Garvin as well. Jesse also spotted Sam Lufkin and Harry Schultz, which is something I was unable to do on my initial viewing of the film.
-3 more cast members identified and added for the recently-reviewed Watch Your Wife: Jack Hill (now 111 film credits), Gaylord Lloyd (59) and Vera White (45). [Jesse Brisson]
-Additional info (cause of death, height, death certificate) added for recent Hall of Fame inductee Lee 'Lasses' White. [Jim Jarvis]
-Added Elizabeth Mackey to the site.
-New film credits added for Sammy Brooks (265), Jack O'Brien (67), Patsy O'Byrne (21), Harry Rattenberry (6), Sarah Edwards (4), Charles Millsfield (3). [Jesse Brisson]
-Some interesting information regarding the birth, death and cause of death being mentioned for Frank Lester Ward. Jim Jarvis is working on a more accurate bio for this guy to make sense of what I currently have on his page. To be continued!
-Images added for birthday gals Elfie Fay and Abigail Adams. [Jim Jarvis]
-Added death certificate and cause of death for William J. O'Brien. [Jim Jarvis]
-Added death certificate for Vera Lewis. I am hoping to have a bio update on her soon. [Jim Jarvis]
-Tidied up all the film pages on the "on this day" section. I've received a lot of positive feedback regarding this section being reinstalled on the home page so I think I'll keep it. Also, it helps me to keep all of those pages updated and properly formatted as I progress through the year.
-Added Lee 'Lasses' White to the site.
-Correction: Yesterday I added "Ted Stanhope" to the site from the cast of "Road Show". Turns out this is actually Ted Stroback. So the entry for "Ted Stanhope" has now been removed and the Road Show credit is listed for Stroback. I have left the name of "Ted Stanhope" in the Actors A-Z page and directed it to the correct link. Thanks Jesse.
-Added 9 actors from Road Show (1941) to the site: Inna Gest, Aubrey Mather, Arthur Stuart Hull, Hans Moebus, Charles Morton, Barry Norton, Jack Perry, Victor Potel, Larry Wheat.
-First Roach film credit added for Edward Keane (1).
-New film credits added for Broderick O'Farrell (8), Ben Hall (6), Tommy Mack (5), Paul Stanton (2), Frank Orth (2).
-My self-imposed promise to have every page on this site fully corrected and formatted by the end of the year continues to be implemented as I have been updating and improving the visual look and format of every actor and film released in the "on this day" every day, including today. It's a lot of work but at least now it's getting done.
-Added Ted Frenchie and Edith Valk to the site.
-Updated the page for Norma Nichols after Steve Rydzewski identified her in Burglars Bold (1921).
-New film found for Bud Ross (2). [Steve Rydzewski]
-Page tidy up for Charley Chase's His Silent Racket (1933).
-Added this poster for Luke And The Bang-Tails. [thanks Jorge]
-Viewed and reviewed Paul Parrott's Watch Your Wife (1923), which was released 100 years ago today.
-Added publicity material (images) for Snub's Dig Up.
-New films found for William Gillespie (194), Jack Hill (110), Dick Gilbert (78), Bobby Dunn (18), William J. O'Brien (15), Art Rowlands (14), Addie McPhail (2).
-Added several new cast screenshots for the musical comedy Rhapsody In Brew (1934) - and also found a couple of new actors not previously listed too.
-Viewed and reviewed Snub Pollard's A Tough Winter (1923). And you won't believe this but.... I enjoyed it!
-New Roach films found for William Gillespie (193), Sam Lufkin (93), Mark Jones (73), Charles Lloyd (73), Chris Lynton (67), Jack O'Brien (66), Roy Brooks (33).
-Updated the page for Don Sandstrom with 2 new film credits and now we know what he looks like too. [Jesse]
-Thanks to Michael Greenfield in Ohio for his very kind and helpful donation.
-Added Dennis O'Keefe and Frank Orth to the site.
-Added several cast screenshots for Broadway Limited (1941), the last Roach feature to be released. And all because I was trying to find a screenshot for Leonid Kinskey! Well it's all work that needs to be done, so....
-Adjusted the Complete Hal Roach Filmography to correct the release date of Our Gang's Mama's Little Pirate. It was showing January 5, 1935 - but it should be November 3, 1934. It is now correct.
-Added Leonid Kinskey, Vera Lewis, John Miljan, Rex Evans and Eddie Foster to the site. [Craig Calman]
-New film credits added for Charles Lloyd (72), Ellinor Vanderveer (33), Syd Saylor (10 - which promotes him into The Top 278 list), Eddie Hall (7), Hubert Diltz (3), John T. Murray (3) and Peggy Lynch (2). Also, first Hal Roach film credit found for Kit Guard (1). [thanks to Jesse Brisson, Craig Calman]
-Spent 2 solid hours updating everything on the "On This Day" section for today. This includes formatting the film pages and adding/repairing all missing/broken links for each listing. Very time consuming and it means I don't have time to do new reviews but it does mean that progress is being made in making the site better and more presentable. I will continue to do this on a daily basis. So if you don't see any new updates in this section it doesn't mean I am ignoring the site. Quite the opposite, in fact. I'm all up to date with mails with the exception of just one from Jesse which requires a bit of attention. I did spend some time separating the locations shots from "Wages Of Tin" from one montage into individual files and so many missing and broken links for "The Pinch Singer" which took ages to do. But it's all progress. Hopefully by the end of the year everything will look perfect and all those broken links will be a thing of the past.
-Added this still for Our Gang's Helping Grandma.
-Viewed and reviewed the Mabel Normand film Anything Once! (1927), which was released 96 years ago today.
-First donation of 2023 comes from Dave Pickard. One of this website's most prolific supporters. Thanks Dave.
-Added the poster for Our Gang's Readin' And Writin' (1932) to the Our Gang Menu page. A small detail but further proof I am working on the site again!
-Added a newspaper blurb for birthday-boy Frank Lester Ward which reveals his cause of death as peritonitis at the age of just 13. [Cody Regennitter]
-Brought back the "On This Day" feature for the front page (as an experiment for now to see whether I want to continue with it). Also, it is my intention and pledge to have NO broken links on this site by the end of 2023. I figure if I have to update the On This Day section every day that means every film and actor on the site will get at least one mention here during the course of the year. As I add each one, it will be uploaded with every link on that page fixed. Well, that's the plan at least!

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