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NOV 28:
-Added Lois Boyd to the site, thanks to Steve Rydzewski; and Danny Jackson to the site, thanks to Ian Tiso. And it is complete co-incidence they share the same birthday of October 5th.
NOV 25:
-Thanks to Jack Tillmany who has chalked off two more of the Zenobia unidentified cast: Loretta Russell and Paul Power.
NOV 24:
-My thanks and gratitude to Brian Barr and Steve Wright for their very kind donations in the past 24 hours. Believe me, it helps so much more than you realise. ALL donations, regardless of amount, will receive a guaranteed personal reply.
NOV 22:
-The enormous amount of time I spent yesterday adding all of those actors to the site has been equalled by Jesse Brisson's equally impressive time spent of grabbing some dates and bios for some of them. My gratitude is extended to Jesse for all of his work.
NOV 21:
-A record 41 new actors added to the site in one day - mostly from Harold Lloyd's Haunted Spooks (1920). It should be noted that I do not have any information or dates for any of them at the moment:
-Edward Richards, Don P. Young, Mabel Kroman, Kittoria Beveridge, Francis Spencer, Ruth Reith, Gertrude Douglas, June Lovering, Carlton Chapman, Billy Burke, William J. Horn, Albert Maggi, Leonard Cloonan, Jack Tennant, Harry Paulfil, Karl Smith, Morris Kirdler, Eddie Warnack, John Warnack, Bertha Warnack, Mrs. Cartwright, H. Wisenberg, Max White, Mike Siebert, Dave Smith, Charles Diltz, Mr. Harrison, W.A. Clothen, Frank Y. Karvai, Gus Ivers, William Larsen, M. Thomas, James Russell, Matie B. Rozier, Sarah Rozier, Lucile Johnson, Ethel B. Robinson, J. Kern, Henderson Cooper, Jack Allen and Lulu Oliver.
-New film credits found for Peggy Cartwright (7) and Annette Hatten (4).
NOV 19:
-1 new actor added to the site: Blue Washington, and a warning issued to the IMDb for theft of my image. I do NOT regard it as a compliment that they think it is okay for them to steal my images to further promote their site.
NOV 18:
-3 new actors added to the site: Eddie Peerson, Oscar Horne and Ethel Foster.
NOV 17:
-Stan Taffel has kindly sent me a rare title card from With Love And Hisses which derives from a British Kodascope dupe. When I added it to the page I realised that in ten years of doing this site I had made no plot summary or review notes for the film whatsoever! So I have completely reviewed it now.
-Added Frank Saputo to the site.
NOV 16:
-Added the correct date of death for Jack Ackroyd, thanks to Jesse's research. What a great team I have working for me here!
-Added B.J. Rockwell to the site.
NOV 14:
-Added a new lobby card for Charley Chase's What A Bozo!.
-Added 8 stills, more DVD releases information and tidied the page for Laurel & Hardy's One Good Turn. I have removed the credit for William Gillespie from the film because after studying closely all the actors in the background scenes he simply isn't there despite some sources listing him in the film.
NOV 13:
-Just when you thought I couldn't possibly ADD to my work for Zenobia, aslong comes Richard Finegan with lots more stuff which I have now added (stills, lobby card and extra stuff). Thanks to him and Jesse for their additional work in identifying some of the unknowns from the film.
NOV 12:
-Re-reviewed (and now finally completed the plot summary!) for Zenobia (1939) using the beautifully restored Blu-Ray print from ClassicFlix.
-28 new actors - and an elephant - added to the site (all from ZENOBIA): Loretta Russell, Edward Broadley, Walter Lawrence, Bob Perry, Nigel De Brulier, Luke Cosgrave, Wade Crosby, Rankin Daugette, Bert Howard, John C. McCallum, Edwin Richey, Colonel Robinson, Rene Stone, William Worthington, Marie Engel, Mary Foy, Edna Hall, Olive Hatch, Amy Busby Roy, Louise Squire, Toni Tree, Babe Green, Otto Malde, Kathleen McCormack, Peggy Moran, Paul Power, Doris Rankin and Suzanne Rhoades. Plus Miss Zenobia.
-New film credits found for Jack Hill (105), Bob O'Conor (79), Ham Kinsey (59), William Peterson (39), Dorothy Vernon (16), Bess Flowers (15), Gertrude Messinger (15), Bud Geary (10), which places him in the Top 272 actors chart, Jessie Arnold (6), Jean Porter (6), Jim Farley (5), Thomas Pogue (3), Helen Brown (2), Joseph W. Girard (2), Arthur Thalasso (2), Johnny Kascier (2), William Bakewell (2), Marjorie Kane (2).
NOV 10:
-11 new actors added: William Woods, Hazel DeVere, Joseph Hasam, Abdul Zarrah, Lev Booth, Vera McGinnis, Alma Saunders, Cherry Mack, Beulah Cosgrove, Walter MacNamara and Rex Taylor. Still lots of hours being invested each day into the upgrade of the site with new film pages added, actors added, links repaired and pages formatted correctly with the proper templates. Thanks to a couple of recent generous donations I still have quite the supply of cherry bakewells keeping me going....
NOV 9:
-Viewed and reviewed the fragment copy I have of Toto's His Busy Day (1918).
-New film credits found for Charles Stevenson (147), Dee Lampton (79) and Harry Todd (31).
-5 new actors added to the site: Alma Maxim, Herbert Leonard, Irene Lewis, Dorothy Mack [this could be Dorothy Mackaill?] and Grace Miller.
NOV 7:
-New film credits found for Chet Brandenburg (84), Clara Guiol (45), Al Forbes (12) and Clyde E. Hopkins (7); and one film credit removed for Earl Mohan (59) and also Curtis McHenry (1). Oh it's all happening in the constantly revised Top 271 chart!
NOV 6:
-New film credits found for Jack Gavin (40), Scotty Mattraw (5) and Pierre Couderc (4), with Frank Alexander (6) and Ferdinand Munier (4) both losing credits. Thanks to Jesse Brisson and Richard Bann for their help on this one.
NOV 5:
-In honor of the 94th anniversary of the release of Hats Off! (1927), I have reformatted and tidied up its page.
-New film credits found for Leo Willis (57) and Billy Engle (43).
NOV 4:
-Jesse has sent in some corrections and updates:
-3 new actors added to the site: Mark Hamilton, Lillian Woods and Jimmy Hertz.
-Page updates for Robert Kent (adjusted correct screenshot + new film credit found), William Bakewell (adjusted correct screenshot), Irving Mitchell (adjusted correct screenshot), Lilymae Wilkinson (bio re-write), Gordon Douglas (correct screenshot for Looser Than Loose), Ernest Morrison Sr (minor tweak), Hinter Schloss Und Riegel (still added, page completely reformatted and tidied up).
-Missing screenshots added to the pages for Jack Hill, Dick Gilbert, Estelle Etterre, Bobby Hutchins, Dickie Moore, Harold Goodwin, Charles Dorety.
-New film credits for Baldwin Cooke (86), Bob O'Conor (78), Mark Jones (72), Clara Guiol (44), Jerry Mandy (31), Martin Wolfkeil (26), Bobby Burns (24), Ena Gregory (22), Charles Force (4), Yorke Sherwood (3), Charles Sellon (2), Wilkie C. Mahoney (2).
-Film credits lost for Charlie Hall (175) - after it was determined that this guy from Backs To Nature is not him; Owen Evans (9) - which unfortunately drops him from the Top 271 chart, and Teddy Jefferson (now 0 - his one credit was for Starvation Blues but that has now been removed.)
NOV 3:
-Added the Erwings' Band to the site. Well, why not?
-Massive thanks to Jim for another very kind and generous donation to the site.
NOV 2:
-Viewed and reviewed Laurel & Hardy's Their Purple Moment (1928), with new posters, stills, lobby cards, intertitle cards and a complete plot summary. Thanks to Richard Bann for his help (and kind praise).
-New film credit for Ham Kinsey (58).
-The cast screenshots from Stan Laurel's Brothers Under The Chin (1924) hadn't been assigned to the relevant actors' pages but this has now been corrected.
NOV 1:
-Bob Duncan has sent me Betty Healy's autograph, which has now been added to her page.
-New film credits added for Jack Richardson (6) and Cy Clocum (10) - which now places him in the Top 272 actors list.
-Page and bio update for child actress Murlen Powers. [Jesse]

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