-Actors to add from "GET OUT AND GET UNDER":
Kneeling, Ray
Wimpy, Rex
Nelson, Joe
Meadows, Sid
Hamilton, Harold
Smith, Hazel
Field, M.S.
Sliter, Howard
Shaw, Mrs. Frank
Gregory, Nell
Cowles, William
Bixley, Ethel
Cowles, Dolly
Armstrong, Mabel
Evans, Bessie
Wright, Bonnie
Ellis, Grace
Lee, Helen
Hunt, Elsa
Clayton, Vera
Varella, Charles
Toci, Frank
Marcenella, Elsi
Testa, Alfred
Giraci, Dorothy
McGee, Mrs.
Sherwood, C.R.
Roberts, Art
Brieg, Dorothy
Craig, Hal
Greenwood, O.S.
Brummett, W.H.

-Create pages for the actors from The Housekeeper's Daughter: Davison Clark, Peter Du Rey, Janet Eastman, Dick French, Al K. Hall, John Harmon, Shep Houghton, James Kilgannon, Gerald Mohr, Sandra Morgan, William Newell, Pat O'Malley, Gwen Seager, Carlie Taylor.
-Add the remaining cast links for Topper.
-Revamp and reformat the RISQUE page and add new additions to the page. And correct that stupid Carroll Borland mis-credit too.
-Consider adding the cast listed in the "trivia" section of Little Mother to the page.
-Add the cast members from Broadway Limited who need individual pages. They are: Sam McDaniel, George Chandler, Jim Toney and others.
-Add the cast members from Captain Fury who need individual pages.
-Add the cast members from Flying With Music who need individual pages.
-Add the cast members from Swiss Miss who need individual pages.
-Add the 7 cast members from Pick A Star who need individual pages.
-Add the cast members from Prairie Chickens who need individual pages.
-Add the cast members from Turnabout who need individual pages.
-Cross check all the actors on the Commencement Day page to make sure the film credit appears on each individual actors' page - and sort out that Ivadell Carter/Dorothy Hughes debacle!
-Add Gill Edwards (Bargain Day) to the site.
-Add the actors' pages from One Million B.C.: Mary Gale Fisher, Harold Howard, Adda Gleason, Edward Coxen, Patricia Pope, Audrey Manners, Ora May Carlson, James Coppedge, Betty Greco, Aida Hernandez, Boots Lebaron, Dick Simmons, Henry Sylvester, Frank Tinajero.
-Add links to the 11 cast actors from Taxi Mister and check to see if they already appear on the site.
-Add the actors from Southern Exposure that need own individual pages: Jack Curtis, Karl Farr, Joseph Mills, Barney O'Toole, George Spence.
-Consider and/or add all information in the e-mails sitting in my InBox folder.