Here is the complete list of all 22 streamliners released by The Hal Roach Studios.
In 1941 and after numerous flops in the feature market, Hal Roach invented a new concept called the 'Streamliner', a cross between a feature and a short subject, which United Artists could market as the lower half of a double bill.
All titles listed in the order of release.

All 22 titles have now been released on DVD on six volumes courtesy of ClassicFlix's Silver Series. Many of these films have been made available for the first time on DVD. Links to each title can be found by clicking the relevant DVD sleeve below.


Tanks A Million  [F-37]  (12 Sep 1941)
Niagara Falls  [F-36]  (17 Oct 1941)
All-American Co-Ed  [F-38]  (31 Oct 1941)
Miss Polly  [F-39]  (14 Nov 1941)
Fiesta  [F-40]  (28 Nov 1941)
Hay Foot  [F-41]  (12 Dec 1941)
Brooklyn Orchid  [F-43]  (20 Feb 1942)
Dudes Are Pretty People  [F-42]  (13 Mar 1942)
About Face  [F-44]  (17 Apr 1942)
Flying With Music  [F-45]  (22 May 1942)
The Devil With Hitler  [F-46]  (20 Nov 1942)
The McGuerins From Brooklyn  [F-47]  (31 Dec 1942)
Calaboose  [F-48]  (29 Jan 1943)
Fall In  [F-49]  (05 Mar 1943)
Taxi, Mister?  [F-51]  (16 Apr 1943)
Prairie Chickens  [F-52]  (21 May 1943)
Yanks Ahoy  [F-53]  (25 Jun 1943)
Nazty Nuisance  [F-50]  (06 Aug 1943)
Curley  [F-54]  (23 Aug 1947)
The Fabulous Joe  [F-56]  (23 Aug 1947)

Here Comes Trouble  [F-55]  (15 Mar 1948)
Who Killed Doc Robbin?  [F-57]  (15 Mar 1948)