Series: Babe Hardy

Producer: The Crystal Company

Stars: Babe Hardy
Company: Novelty/Mutual Film
Released: 10 November 1915
Length: 1 reel
Production No.:
Filming dates:
Rating: 2/10


Trixie Gale (actress identity is unknown) walks down the street and is suddenly covered by dust and debris caused by a clumsy workman up a ladder. He tries to apologise but she shrugs him off. She seems to have caught something in her eye and begins winking uncontrollably. A bookwork returns her dropped handkerchief and she winks at him. Another guy jumps off the back of a moving car to approach her and although she rejects his advances she winks at him too. The first guy comes out of a store carrying handfuls of gift-wrapped presents, which he attempts to give to the lady as she stops to check on her eye in her pocket mirror.
Babe Hardy is the lady's next unintended victim of lust. He is a grocer who quickly abandons his store to chase her down the street bearing gifts of his own. Then it's the mailman who delivers her a letter informing her that her father is due home. The doorbell rings and it is the grocer, followed shortly afterwards by the other two men. The horny gentlemen are hidden behind screens, curtains and up the chimney whilst their gifts are cleared just in time for when her father comes into the room. The girl sits down to eat dinner with her father at the table whilst the three hidden gentlemen continue to try to get her attention. As soon as the girl gets up from the table, the three men grab food from it and start stuffing their faces. They are caught trying to leave by the gun-toting father who re-enters the room and chases them out of the house, before the three of them jump into a lake. She decides to marry the best fighter. With Babe all but certain of winning the fight, one of the men stuffs a crab down his pants causing him to be defeated. The girl comforts him and confesses she loves him and wants to elope. Babe flags down a passing car with the girls' father's pistols and the two leave together.

Favourite bit
Oh I do just love seeing people jumping into lakes.

One of the oldest surviving films with Babe Hardy in it.
One of the intertitle cards has the guy call the winking woman "beautiful". Hmmmm either the guys in 1915 were desperate or really weren't that fussy then!
Babe Hardy shows up after 2 minutes as a grocer.
Seriously, who built that chimney? Even before the guy falls through it you can see the bricks weren't cemented together. I mean, come on!
Wow, that girl meets a complete stranger, falls in love, offers to marry and elope with him all in the same day. I wonder what planet this was filmed on?

What the experts say
"A beautifully restored version of the film now can be found on Blu-Ray. Okay, so the film isn't that interesting, but even so... The one thing that is very noticeable is how everybody over-reacts with their facial expressions throughout! I mean for gods sake everybody has their mouth open all the time. It's just too much."
~ Lord Heath.

Babe Hardy


Laurel Or Hardy by Rob Stone (book)

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