Ruth 'Sweetie' Hall

born: 09 July 1922
Asheville, North Carolina,
United States of America
died: 15 December 1992
[last residence] Queens, New York,
United States of America
(age 70)

Young black child actress who was a performer with The Cabin Kids.
She was not related to the others, who were all siblings: Helen 'Precious' Hall, James 'Darling' Hall, Winifred 'Sugar' Hall and Frederick 'Honey' Hall.

Ruth was not related to the other Cabin Kids; her actual parents were friends with the mother of the other four Cabin Kids. [note: this is mentioned at the top of the Cafe Roxy link] However, Helen's obituary makes mention of Mrs. Ruth Patterson (her married name) being her "foster sister" -- as does father James K. Hall (d. 06 Feb 1972)'s obituary, which mentions Ruth as his "foster daughter" -- and the obituaries for Frederick, James and Winifred also mentioned her as a sister.
Real name: LaRuth Shegolden Chavis
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Beginner's Luck
Singer - The Cabin Kids

Teacher's Beau
Singer - The Cabin Kids

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