Ray Hallor

born: 14 January 1900
Washington, District of Columbia,
United States of America
died: 16 April 1944
Palm Springs, California,
United States of America
(road accident, age 44)

American actor. Raymond's father was a policeman in Washington, D.C. Ray and his 2 sisters became NY stage actors and by 1915, Ray started in movies with Edison. The sisters, Ethel and Edith, used the name "Hallor" for the stage. Eventually they all used "Hallor". Older sister, Ethel, was quite a beauty. She married "big time" Broadway producer, L. Lawrence Weber, after she became pregnant with their son and threatened to sue for breach of promise in 1918. In 1920, he sued for divorce based on her "unfaithfulness" with actor / director Jack Dillon. A big scandal erupted when she "kidnapped" their son and after a custody battle, the NY Court awarded custody of Jr. to his father.
After 1932, Ray left acting and by 1940 was "publicity manager" for sister Edith's future husband, Harry Varsa, who owned the nightclub, Martinique Cafe, in Palm Springs. It was a horrific head-on collision that killed him and another man and badly injured several others on April 16, 1944 on the highway just outside Palm Springs.

*There are several birthdates for Ray: The 1900 Census says "February 1900". Both his WWI & WWII Draft Cards say "January 14, 1900". Findagrave says "January 11, 1901". Billiongraves says "January 10, 1900". Actual birth record or newspaper birth announcement or death certificate not found.
Real name: Raymond Ellsworth Haller
Height: 5'7"
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Jesse Brisson (information; identification in 45 Minutes From Hollywood)
Jim Jarvis (research and notes)

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