Pete Bell

born: 27 August 1872
Chicago, Illinois,
United States of America
died: 06 November 1952
Saginaw, Michigan,
United States of America
(age 80)

American actor and acrobat, the husband and stage partner of Eva Bell. Formerly with the Barnum & Bailey Circus as part of the duo "Bell and Henry," where Pete was well known as a double somersault leaper, Pete and Eva performed together as "Bell and Eva," performing a bounding trampoline act; both also acted alongside a young Oliver Hardy in his earliest films at Lubin.
Peter Greenwald (Pete) married Eva Scranton on 6 November 1907 in London, Ontario, Canada. They settled in Eva's hometown of Saginaw, Michigan, and had two children: Peter Leroy Greenwald (1909-1971) and Evelyn May Greenwald (1911-1936); Evelyn, who worked in her parents' act, tragically succumbed to burns, at age 25, after her bedwear caught on fire from a cigarette. Pete passed away on his and Eva's 45th wedding anniversary. The whole family is interred at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Saginaw.
Real name: Peter William Greenwald
Height: 5'3"
Films listed on this page: all films with Babe Hardy.



Spaghetti And Lottery

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