Series: Babe Hardy

Producer: Arthur D. Hotaling
Story: Epes W. Sargent

Stars: Eva Bell, Babe Hardy, Nellie Farran, Don Ferrando, Burt Bucher, Roy Byron
Company: Lubin Films/General Film Company
Released: 24 November 1914
Length: split reel
Production No.:
Filming dates:
Rating: 4/10
Mother's Baby Boy

Nell (Nellie Farran) sits on a park bench with two men, one either side of her. They are obviously interested in her. Then comes the title character of the film, Percival Pilkins, played by Babe Hardy, who comes skipping along in the park but is roughed up by a no-gooder. He is embraced by Nell, who gets one of the men to give up his seat on the bench so that Percival can sit down next to her. The two guys don't take kindly to this and bully the crybaby Percival into running away before they begin hurling bricks at him. Percival threatens to tell his mamma of the bullies and so the chubby-faced Percival writes her a note whilst Nell slaps the two men for being so horrible.
A few days later Percival receives a telegram reply from his mother informing him she is coming to protect him. The two bullies take the telegram from him and chase him down the street. Percival runs into the arms of his waiting mother but the bullies carry on teasing him. A burly guy comes out of the house and chases the bullies off down to the harbour, with Percival getting a couple of lame kicks in on the guys along the way. The bullies end up being thrown into the sea by the burly guy as the (DVD/Blu-Ray) film ends. However, there is an additional scene not included on the DVD release which reveals that Percival also falls into the sea, taking his mother with him.

Copyrighted November 14, 1914.
Released as a split-reel with "He Wanted Chicken".
With regards to Hardy's character name: an intertitle card (which looks recreated) says his surname is Peachskin, but according to Rob Stone's book his name is Pilkins.
What the experts say
"It's 4 minutes long. I mean, what do you want for 4 minutes? Hardy resembles Our Gang child star Joe Cobb almost to a spitting image!" ~ Lord Heath.

Eva Bell
Mother Pilkins
Babe Hardy
Percival Pilkins
Nellie Farran
Nell Haldane
Burt Bucher
Bill Green
Don Ferrando
Tom Brown
Roy Byron
Sport Regan



Acknowledgements & sources:
Laurel Or Hardy by Rob Stone (book)
Jesse Brisson (additional information)

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