Series: Plump & Runt

Director: Will Louis
Producer: Louis Burstein

Stars: Oliver Hardy, Billy Ruge
Company: Vim Comedies/General Film Company
Released: 17 August 1916
Length: 1 reel
Production No.:
Filming dates:
Rating: -/10

Life Savers

From approximately 1 minute of available poor quality footage:

Plump, Runt and a young lady (presumably Rae Godfrey) emerge from a shack and walk out onto the beach. Plump (wearing a top with the initials LS on it) stops and looks back with her. Runt (also with a LS top on) is talking to himself before realising nobody is listening and he turns around. He runs back to Plump, diving through his legs to get his attention but Plump picks him up and plonks him down onto the sand. Runt walks around the back of Plump to take a hold of the lady's arms. They all spin around until Plump picks Runt up again and aggressively plonks him down on the ground again. The three of them walk off together towards the sea.... [end of tootage]

Approximately 10% of footage from the film was discovered and uploaded to YouTube by Joshua Cattermole/JC Projections in 2020. This is the footage used for the review and screenshots on this page. Only three actors are seen during this footage: Hardy, Ruge and Godfrey.
What the experts say
"Several of the scenes in this one reel comedy take place on the bottom of the ocean and the illusion is skillfully maintained. Plump and Runt are the leaders in the cast and the director has devised considerable amusing business. The finish is novel." ~ Moving Picture World.

Oliver Hardy
Billy Ruge
Rae Godfrey
Miss Aqua
Helen Gilmore
Old maid
Dad Bates

Laurel Or Hardy by Rob Stone (book)
Joshua Cattermole (footage)
John Benson (help)
Moving Picture World (archive review)

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