Series: Charley Chase

Director: Leo McCarey
Producer: Hal Roach
Photography: Len Powers

Stars: Charley Chase, James J. Jeffries, Ena Gregory, Emma Tansey
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 06 July 1924
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: D-58
Filming dates: March 24-29, 1924
Rating: 3/10

Jeffries, Jr.

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Jimmy Jump (Chase) is driving along a back road when he makes a sudden left turn which angers a fellow driver. He (Leo Willis) confronts Jimmy and threatens to hit him but Jimmy has the quick thinking to put on a pair of glasses to avoid the assault. Charley arrives at a farm looking for James Jeffries, a boxer who has been instructed to toughen Jimmy up before he gets married in the near future. Jimmy stops at the house where Pearl (Ena Gregory) and her mother (Emma Tansey) are out in the yard. After a brief bit of flirting with the daughter, she points him in the right direction of Jeffries, who observes Jimmy doing a spot of shadow boxing and syching himself up. After they meet, Jeffries tells Jimmy to get changed into some boxing atire ready for them to begin some training. Firstly Jimmy is handed a skipping rope before Jeffries hands him some boxing gloves and the two begin to spar outside.
Jeffries tries to relieve Jimmy's fears by showing him how hard he will hit him during their session. The light tap knocks Jimmy's tooth out. After scrambling around on all fours, Jimmy finds the tooth and plops it back in before going out for a light jog with Jeffries but Jimmy manages to evade his trainer and runs back to the house, knackered. One year later and Jimmy, now married, is out in his yard doing some gardening when he sees Jeffries. Jimmy shows him a photo of his wife and thanks Jeffries for making a man out of him. Cue the new wife: she appears on the doorstep brandishing a rolling pin and summons Jimmy to get inside! Jimmy obliges her without putting up any resistance....

Favourite bit
When Charley is confronted by the dog, he puts on his glasses and the dog runs off inside afraid.

Copyrighted May 29, 1924.
James J. Jeffries, who wears a belt buckle with JJJ on it, was a boxer by profession.
The letter which Charley hands to Jeffries is dated May 24, 1924. In case you were wondering - that was a Saturday. That saves you looking it up now!
I don't know for sure but it is very likely that the scenes with Jeffries and Chase were shot at Hal Roach's ranch.
My opinion
Bland doesn't quite cover it. Pointless, lacking in any form of entertainment, just bland!

Charley Chase
Jimmy Jump
James J. Jeffries
Ena Gregory
Emma Tansey
Pearl's mother
Leo Willis

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