Series: Snub Pollard

Director: Ralph Cedar
Producer: Hal Roach

Stars: Snub Pollard, Marie Mosquini
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 07 March 1926
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: H-103
Filming dates: December 27, 1921 - January 6, 1922
Rating: -/10

Do Your Duty

I do not own this title; no review available.

Copyrighted February 6, 1926.
Also listed for March 28, 1926.
Filmed in December 1921, but not released until March 1926.
This was the penultimate film in the Snub Pollard series to be released by Hal Roach, albeit over 4 years after it was made.

Snub Pollard
Marie Mosquini

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