Bob Stebbins
born: 12 January 1929
Loyal, Oklahoma,
United States of America

American child actor. His birthdate is wrongly listed as 15 June 1928 elsewhere.
".....80-100,000 children were emigrated from the United Kingdom to Canada to be used as indentured farm workers and domestic servants. Believed by Canadians to be orphans, only two percent truly were." ( ). Bob Stebbins' Mom, Harriet Deeks, was one of these "orphans" age 14 in 1902. She married Henry Stebbins, a successful dairy farm supervisor and registered dairycow raiser, in Tulsa, OK in 1918. In 1920 she sailed to England for a month to visit her Mom and family and secure her birth records. Most "Home Children" were not so lucky!
Son, Robert, was born in 1929 but was not listed with his parents in the 1930 Tulsa, OK Census. By 1935, Harriet and Robert were living in CA and Dad, Henry Stebbins remained in Ok until he died in 1970. Harriet died in CA in 1972.
In the summer of 1939, "Bobby Stebbins" performed at the San Francisco Golden Gate Exposition and was a major prize winner and described as "a talented 9 year-old singer from San Carlos". By April 1, 1940, Bobby and Mom were in LA where she worked as a live-in maid for $600 per year plus an unknown outside income, probably from her separation and support from husband Henry in Oklahoma.
In September 1940, she enrolled 10 year-old Bobby in the Mar-Ken Professional Childrens' (acting) School where he demonstrated his likeability and leadership skills for 5 years.
In January of 1942 he signed a contract with MGM to play with Robert Blake in "Mokey", in light of his "hit" performance in the musical "Syncopation". His January 1947 WWII Draft Card states he was a student at "Hollywood Hi B-12" and names a non-relative as next of kin, even though both parents were still living and he was living with his Mom.
His final listed film role was in 1952. He and his Mom are at the same address in the 1954 voters' roll for LA. Evidence favors that he is still living in Los Angeles.
Real name: Robert Ray Stebbins
Height: 5'8½"
Films listed on this page: 1 film with Laurel & Hardy.



Nothing But Trouble

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