Arthur Mund

born: 04 July 1882
Lee's Summit, Jackson County, Missouri,
United States of America
died: 13 August 1975
San Bernadino, California,
United States of America
(age 93)

American actor who starred in George Ovey "Jerry" silent comedies made in 1916-1917. Arthur Mund is unusual in that he is cited in the trade magazines under BOTH names, "Mund" and "Munns" SIMULTANEOUSLY! Just one example is given in the sources but there are many. The father, Sanford C. Munns (1855-1939), owned his own farm in Lee's Summit, MO and by 1900 owned a ranch and fruit orchard in San Bernardino, CA where Arthur was a laborer and truck driver. By 1909, Sanford, Arthur, and Uncle George Munns owned an automobile agency in Los Angeles. They sold the agency about 1912 and bought 2 ranches in San Fernando and Arthur remained in LA as a salesman and eventually a motion picture actor.
According to "City Directories" and Censuses he also worked as a clerk, musician and manager of his father's ranch and meat market in Santa Monica. In October of 1916 he enlisted in the Army. In March of 1918, he was on a list of "Christie" actors at a military training camp and by December he was discharged as a sergeant in the Coastal Artillery Band. His 1942 Draft Card gives his profession as "actor". His 1975 obituary says he was an "actor for Universal Studios for 28 years". In the 1920 LA Census he lists himself as "assistant director-motion pictures". At age 65 in 1948 in Hollywood, he married 54 yr.-old Vida I Greig, a bookkeeper: he a lathe operator for an aircraft co. This was the first marriage for both. She died in 1976, a year after Arthur. Together, through veterans' organizations they doggedly lobbied both State and Federal legislatures for benefits for WWI veterans for many years.
Real name: Arthur Thomas Munns
Height: 5'10"
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The Battle Of The Century

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Jim Jarbis (bio notes and extensive research)

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