Alfred J. Goulding

born: 26 January 1885
Melbourne, Victoria,
died: 25 April 1972
Hollywood, Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
(pneumonia, age 87)

Australian-born film maker who worked extensively as a director for Hal Roach (between 1917-1920) and Mack Sennett early in his career. A personal friend to fellow Australian Snub Pollard, it was Goulding who recommended to Hal Roach that Stan Laurel should have his own series in replacement of the short-lived Toto series in 1918.
His date of birth is listed as 1884 on the IMDb, and as 1885 by both Annette D'Agostino Lloyd and Australian Birth Indexes at Ancestry. You can probably guess which sources I trust more.

His full list of credits as a director for Hal Roach:
-By The Sad Sea Waves (1917) [Harold Lloyd]
-Bliss (1917) [Harold Lloyd]
-All Aboard (1917) [Harold Lloyd]
-Bashful (1917) [Harold Lloyd]
-Step Lively (1917) [Harold Lloyd]
-A Gasoline Wedding (1918) [Harold Lloyd]
-Look Pleasant, Please (1918) [Harold Lloyd]
-Let's Go (1918) [Harold Lloyd]
-On The Jump (1918) [Harold Lloyd]
-Follow The Crowd (1918) [Harold Lloyd]
-Pipe The Whiskers (1918) [Harold Lloyd]
-Hey There (1918) [Harold Lloyd]
-Kicked Out (1918) [Harold Lloyd]
-Two-Gun Gussie (1918) [Harold Lloyd]
-Fireman Save My Child (1918) [Harold Lloyd]
-Somewhere In Turkey (1918) [Harold Lloyd]
-An Ozark Romance (1918) [Harold Lloyd]
-Kicking The Germ Out Of Germany (1918) [Harold Lloyd]
-Bride And Gloom (1918) [Harold Lloyd]
-Swing Your Partners (1918) [Harold Lloyd]
-Take A Chance (1918) [Harold Lloyd]
-The Dutiful Dub (1919) [Harold Lloyd]
-Crack Your Heels (1919) [Harold Lloyd]
-Ring Up The Curtain (1919) [Harold Lloyd]
-Si, Senor (1919) [Harold Lloyd]
-The Marathon (1919) [Harold Lloyd]
-Pistols For Breakfast (1919) [Harold Lloyd]
-Off The Trolley (1919) [Harold Lloyd]
-Never Touched Me (1919) [Harold Lloyd]
-Count Your Change (1919) [Harold Lloyd]
-Heap Big Chief (1919) [Harold Lloyd]
-Don't Shove (1919) [Harold Lloyd]
-Start Something (1919) [Snub Pollard]
-All At Sea (1919) [Snub Pollard]
-Call For Mr. Caveman (1919) [Snub Pollard]
-Touch Luck (1919) [Snub Pollard]
-From Hand To Mouth (1919) [Harold Lloyd]
-The Floor Below (1919) [Snub Pollard]
-The Dippy Dentist (1920) [Snub Pollard]
-Fresh Paint (1920) [Snub Pollard]
-Haunted SPooks (1920) [Harold Lloyd]
-Don't Weaken (1920) [Snub Pollard]
-Drink Hearty (1920) [Snub Pollard]
-Grab The Ghost (1920) [Snub Pollard]
-You're Pinched (1920) [Snub Pollard]
-Any Old Port (1920) [Snub Pollard]
-Run 'Em Ragged (1920) [Snub Pollard]
-Go As You Please (1920) [Snub Pollard]
-Doing Time (1920) [Snub Pollard]
-Fellow Citizens (1920) [Snub Pollard]
-Insulting The Sultan (1920) [Snub Pollard]
-The Dear Departed (1920) [Snub Pollard]
-Cash Customers (1920) [Snub Pollard]
-Park Your Car (1920) [Snub Pollard]
-The Morning After (1921) [Snub Pollard]
-Open Another Bottle (1921) [Snub Pollard]
-His Best Girl (1921) [Snub Pollard]
-No Children (1921) [Snub Pollard]
-Big Game (1921) [Snub Pollard]
-High Rollers (1921) [Snub Pollard]
-Rough Seas (1921) [Gaylord Lloyd]
-Trolley Troubles (1921) [Gaylord Lloyd]
-A Chump At Oxford (1940) [Laurel and Hardy feature]
Real name: Alfred John Goulding
Height: 5'9"
Films listed on this page: complete Hal Roach filmography.


By The Sad Sea Waves


Rainbow Island

The Flirt

All Aboard

Step Lively

Love's Young Scream
[image from publicity still]

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