-Updated the pages for Priscilla Dean and Alberta Vaughn.
-Added Max Hoffman Jr to the Hall of Fame (thanks JC).
-Updated my page for Katherine Grant (1904-1937).  47 Hal Roach films added, with 2 disputed (and rejected by me).  The less-than-trustworthy IMDb claims she was in the Stan Laurel short, "The Soilers" (1923). Also, they list her as being in the Charley Chase short, "The Poor Fish" (1924). - I am disputing both credits by stating on both occasions they have mistaken Katherine for Ena Gregory.  If that isn't enough, I list her as being "Nellie" in the Chase short, "Seeing Nellie Home" (1924), which the IMDb do not.
-Added in some missing cast screenshots and tidied the page for Oranges And Lemons.
-Completed the page for James Finlayson with all of his known Hal Roach films.  More screenshots to follow...
-I am working non-stop on site improvement, with tweaks, additions and screenshots all the time.  Please don't think that just because nothing "fresh" is showing on the latest updates page that it means I am being lazy - I am working very hard - honest!

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WELCOME TO "ANOTHER NICE MESS".  Let me quickly just give you, the viewer, an idea of what you can expect here.  The primary purpose of the site is to cover all the films featuring Laurel & Hardy made between 1921-1951 in as much detail as possible, using screenshots and reviews for each film.  In addition, I have added as many of the films made by Charley Chase (as an actor) from the early years at Keystone, through the Hal Roach era and ending with his stint at Columbia.

LAUREL & HARDY: All 106 known films.
CHARLEY CHASE: As many films as I can locate (made with Mack Sennett, Hal Roach and Columbia).
OUR GANG: All known existing films, including those made away from the Roach Studios between 1938-1944.
HAROLD LLOYD: As many of his films made under Hal Roach as I can locate for review.
ZASU PITTS/THELMA TODD: All known films (all made with Hal Roach).
THELMA TODD/PATSY KELLY: All known films (all made with Hal Roach).
THE BOY FRIENDS: All known films (all made with Hal Roach).
THE TAXI BOYS: All known films (all made with Hal Roach).
MAX DAVIDSON: A selection of films made with Hal Roach.
HARRY LANGDON: A selection of films made with Hal Roach.
HAL ROACH ALL-STARS: A selection of films made by Hal Roach under his "All-Stars" banner.
STAN LAUREL: As many of his solo films as I can locate for viewing (primarily films made with Joe Rock, and later, Hal Roach).
OLIVER HARDY: As many of his solo films as I can locate for viewing.

Basically, any material at my disposal included, even if sometimes it feels out of place and/or irrelevant in its inclusion.  So it's quite a mixed bag - hence the title "Another Nice MESS".  Hopefully, there is something for everyone to enjoy here.
The site is a "project under construction" and far from complete.  Many of the page designs are currently being upgraded, which is a long, arduous and painstakingly slow process.  If there is a film or an actor listed but lacking in detail and you would like for me to concentrate on, please advise and I shall do my best to attend to it.  They all have to be done, so ask away.  Enjoy the site.

Oh, and one last thing... please realise that I have given up a lot of my personal time and money to research a lot of the material contained within this website and if you wish to use any screenshots for your pleasure, I would appreciate acknowledgement/credit for them.  If I have published any material that isn't my own original work, I have shown credit for my source where possible.  Thanks.


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