Galaxy Of Stars: MGM Promo Reel
sound short promotional feature/9 minutes
....... Stan and Ollie are cleaning outside on a balcony.  Ollie sweeps the floor whilst Stan is dusting a huge telescope.  Stan sticks his finger in the eyepiece of the telescope and gives it a quick wipe before crouching down to look through it.  Whilst he is still holding the feather duster in his right hand Stan pokes himself in the eye with the end of it.  When this fails he tries again, this time poking himself in the eye with his right thumb.  It's a typical-Stan routine and works well.  After three attempts he does manage to see through the lens, moving the scope as he tries to see more from the instrument.  Unfortunately Ollie is at the other end and gets clobbered, lifting his hat off his head momentarily.  He lets out an ouch and turns toward the camera, nursing his right eye before reprimanding Stan.  Stan responds that he was trying to see the stars, causing Ollie to look up and temporarily remove his hat so he can see better before taking his position at the foot of the telescope for himself.  They clash heads and Stan gets a shove for his troubles and moves to carry on dusting at the opposite end of the telescope as Ollie tries to look through the lens.  But of course, he cannot see anything because Stan is blocking the view which causes him to jump up.
Again Ollie repimands Stan for his actions - and again Stan messes up and walks straight into the end of the telescope, causing it to swing into the back of Ollie's head and hit him.  Ollie takes an angry swing but Stan ducks the rotation and Ollie takes another knock.
Cue James Finlayson, who emerges from an elevator just out of view and gives Stan the squinted eye.  Stan walks over to warn Ollie to be alert who then attempts to look through the telescope and instead ends up looking at a close-up of Finlayson's face.  Fin asks what they are up to and Ollie explains they are looking for stars for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.  Stan adds his bit as well, but Ollie cuts him off with an indignant remark.  Fin says something to Ollie about the stars and then all three of them turn to the camera, with Ollie smiling and waving (it's heartwarming and embarrassing at the same time!)  Fin then takes centre-stage and talks to the viewers as the camera zooms in to the viewfinder end of the telescope.
We then see all three men on the floor trying to peer through the tiny hole but as Stan gets up he knocks his head, his hat falls off and the glass at the other end of the scope falls out and smashes on the ground.  Fin chases Stan and Ollie into the elevator (the door is still open?) but then Ollie makes a stand and talks back and walks out of the lift, leaving Stan in there.  Fin then leans up against the button that operates the lift and knocks the "up" button with his elbow as Stan ascends out of view.  Ollie makes a speech towards the camera and waves goodbye before doing a tie-twiddle.  He then walks back towards the lift having not realised Stan has vanished and of course ends up walking through the now open gap where the lift was and down he goes...  Fin can do nothing but stand at the top and watch, and wait... and then put his hands on his head and end with a d'oh!  Nobody is quite sure what happened to Stan?
The full reel runs around 9 minutes and features many other stars, but for the purpose of this website I have concentrated only on the Laurel and Hardy scene.

Favourite bit    
      It's near the beginning of the sketch when Stan is trying to look through the telescope.  He first jams the end of the duster in his eye, followed by his thumb.  It's typical brilliant Laurel at his best.

•It was reported that the Laurel & Hardy scenes were shot for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1934 on the set of Hollywood Party.  This has since been disputed.
•The Laurel & Hardy segment lasts just short of 3 minutes and the only surviving print has them dubbed in French.  However, Ollie's cries and Fin's doh's are left intact and are in their own voices.
Did you notice?
•Stan initially uses his right eye to look through the telescope, then changes to his left.
•Ollie speaks first with an "oooh!" (after Stan knocks his face with the telescope).
•James Finlayson makes his first appearance after 1 minute 12 seconds.
•This was not the first time somebody had taken a plunge down an open lift shaft.  Remember Double Whoopee?
•From the time Ollie falls through the open gap in the lift shaft until he crash lands at the bottom is a duration of ten seconds.  Now I don't know much about the rate of gravity but how deep was that thing?!

Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
James Finlayson