Olaf Hytten

born: 03 March 1888
died: 11 March 1955
10201 W. Pico Boulevard (20th Century Fox Film Studios),
Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
(coronary athersclerosis, age 67)

Heavyset, balding Scottish-born actor. He entered WWI in 1914 (UK) as a Lieutenant and rose to the rank of Captain. In the horrendous Gallipoli Campaign he was wounded by shrapnel in the right ankle and a bullet in the right knee. He received 2 British Army Medals. In 1926 he married a second time. His wife was 19 and he was 39. They had a son but were divorced before the 1950 Census. He was still acting in the theater, motion pictures, and TV.
He died at 2:33pm from a heart attack at 20th Century Fox's film studio. His body was cremated four days later through Funeral Director Gates, Kingsley & Gates at the Chapel of the Pacific. His remains are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Los Angeles, California (plot: Mausoleum Wall J, Crypt 1XC (unmarked community crypt, in the top row, just above Beatrice Vandersluis Phelps).
Real name: Alfred Olaf Hytten
Height: 5'10"
Films listed on this page: complete Hal Roach filmography.


Bonnie Scotland
Scottish recruiting sergeant

Captain Caution
Stannage's officer aide

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