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    ~ T h e   V i l l a i n ~    
    Director:  Arvid E. Gillstrom
Producer:  Louis Berstein
Editor:  Ben H. Cohen
    King Bee Studios
15 July 1917
silent short/2-reels

....... The villain (Billy West dressed in his familiar hobo attire) is lurking by a river and observing a woman (which is actually a disturbingly believable Oliver Hardy!), who has dived into the water.  She gets out of the river and Billy makes a gesture of her voluptuous figure with his hands.  She acknowledges his compliment with a flirtatious dance and he motions to see more leg but then in his embarrassment he falls down.  Equally embarrassed, the woman throws a stick at him, which he returns as she skips her way into the nearby garden where she lives.  After a spot of flirting she drags him into her house telling him that he must be introduced to her father, a doctor.
Billy is invited to sit down and talk with the father whilst his daughter Nell (Hardy) goes to change into more appropriate and comfortable clothing.  It is apparent quite early on that Billy has an ulterior motive for wanting to get into the house judging by his frustrated facial expressions and questionning of the doctor about how much money he has with him.  The doctor lights Billy's cigar before lighting his own pipe.  Outside, Hardy skips him/herself merrily out of the door, basket in hand.  Back inside the doctor excuses himself momentarily which gives Billy time to make his move on the safe.
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•This film is also known as "Little Nell".
Did you notice?
•In the opening shot we see Billy West standing by a tree without a cigar in his mouth.  After the camera cuts to Hardy jumping into the water we cut back to see Billy West's reaction shot.  In this second shot he has a cigar in his mouth, yet in subsequent shots the cigar is missing.
•Full credit to Oliver Hardy for jumping into that cold river at the beginning of the film!

Billy West
The villain
Oliver Hardy
Nell, the doctor's daughter
Florence McLaughlin
  Budd Ross
Nell's sweetheart
  Ethelyn Gibson
(unknown role)
  Leo White
(unknown role)
  Joe Cohen
(unknown role)