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    The Pest    
    Director:  Jess Robbins
Producer:  Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson
Cinematography:  Irving G. Ries
    Quality Film Productions/Metro Pictures
4 December 1922
silent short/2-reels
....... Stan is Jimmy Smith, a salesman who is trying hard to pitch his Napoleon book to an uninterested customer as they stand in front of some iron gates.  When an elderly gentleman approaches the two men he uses sign language to communicate to the 'customer' and they leave together.  This is when Stan sees the sign for the Deaf & Dumb Institute that his subject was standing in front of.  An elderly lady then walks out of the gates and Stan uses sign language in an attempt to talk to her.  Of course, she is not deaf or dumb and gives him some verbal abuse for assuming so.

Favourite bit    

•The first live action footage from the film doesn't start until after 1 minute of titles and credits.
•The opening gag with Stan trying to make money outside a deaf and dumb institute was later re-used in Below Zero.
•At the very beginning of the film Stan stands at some gates to try and sell his book.  A year later he returned to the exact same location and had a similar conversation with George Rowe in Kill Or Cure.
Did you notice?

Stan Laurel
Jimmy Smith
Glen Cavender
The Landlord
Vera Reynolds
The poor tenant
Paddy McGuire
Deaf & dumb patient
Joy Winthrop
The pest
  Mae Laurel
Woman in court
Limousine driver





Acknowledgements & sources:
Steve Rydzewski (identification of Paddy McGuire)

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