Anne Grey

born: 06 March 1907
Wood Green, London,
died: 03 April 1987
Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire,
(age 80)

Brown-eyed, brown-haired British actress, of Scottish heritage.
Regarding the location of her birth: one source lists Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England as her birth place; whereas a second source gives Edmonton, Middlesex, England. According to the 1911 Census she was born in Wood Green, which is in north London (it's actually on the border of Edmonton but is London - not Middlesex). It is possible that given the very close proximity of Wood Green to Edmonton that at the time of her birth in 1907 the border may have been different.
Real name: Aileen Stephen Ewing
Height: 5'6"
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Bonnie Scotland
Lady Violet Ormsby

Acknowledgements & sources:
Jim Jarvis (information relating to her Wood Green birth pace)
1911 Census

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