Frederick Ko Vert
born: 10 June 1894
New Castle -or- Pulaski Township,
Lawrence County, Pennsylvania,
United States of America
died: 31 May 1949
Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
(suicide by overdose of barbiturates, age 54)
Brown-eyed American actor who specialized in playing female impersonators. In my opinion he was very convincing!  His real surname was Cover.  The "t" on the end could have been a spelling error by a family informant on a document.

In 1944, he opened a popular photography studio "Kovert of Hollywood."  One of his many photographers was Konstantine, of "Spartan of Hollywood."  It is widely claimed that Kovert himself didn't actually take any photos (at least one photographer, Cecil "C.C." Hills, claimed this), and merely hired photographers to snap his work, but nonetheless, his studio was a pioneer of male physique photography, its specialty being photos of male nudes; not bodybuilders or "superman," but men with normal physiques and body hair intact.  Photos of these nudes lined the walls of the store front on Melrose; as a result, Kovert was arrested, and his studio raided by the LAPD Vice Squad around 1945-46, going down in history as one of the earliest physique photographers to be "busted." Several years later, Kovert shot and killed himself.

At least one source gives a birth date of 1901. At least one source lists a cause of death as suicide by gunshot.
Real name: Frederick James Cover
Height: 5'8"
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Chasing The Chaser

Starvation Blues

The Wizard Of Oz
Phantom of the Basket

Stop, Look And Listen
(according to The Brooklyn NY Standard Union)

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