Madge Kirby
born: 12 April 1884
Brixton, London,
died: 11 July 1956
Fresno, California,
United States of America
(age 72)
Actress who had a small taste of stardom in the 1910s, appearing in three films with Stan Laurel collaborations.  She immigrated to the United States of America in 1894.  According to the 1920 Census, it would appear that she was widowed at this point.

Entry in "Who's Who on the Screen?" (1920) mentions her height as 5'4", weight 125 lbs, black hair and eyes (though she typically wears a blond wig).  It also states that she came to America at 9 and went onstage at age 14, working with L&H Person co-star Richard Carle, as well as Lew Fields and Fred Walton.
Real name: Madge Whitehead
Height: 5'4"
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Her marriage record ( 61903/1:1:2497-MF8 ) says her parents were JOHN and MAY VINCENT.
The father's name matches the 1900 Census, but the mother's name in the first two census records is ELIZABETH.
However, the 1940 Census does list her as MAY WHITEHEAD.

Younger brother HARRY (born 13 May 1885 -- died circa May 1957 -- buried 21 May 1957)'s middle name was VINCENT.
Maybe it was ELIZABETH/MAY's maiden name (or perhaps JOHN's middle name?) and MADGE adopted it as a stage name?
HARRY lists his mother on his WWI draft reg. card as MAY ELIZABETH WHITEHEAD. It says the same on MAY's CA Death Index entry
(b. 1 Jan 1856 [possibly not real birthdate] - d. 15 Jun 1959). 61903/1:1:KXYK-RBB (WWI DRC) 61903/1:1:F36L-YMV (WWII DRC) bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=121342 545 61903/1:1:VPKF-62Q (May, CA Death Index)
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