The Wizard Of Oz  
13 April 1925
Chadwick Pictures
silent feature
81 minutes (7-reels)


Director/Producer: Larry Semon  Executive producer: I.E. Chadwick  Assistant director: William King
Cinematography: Frank B. Good, Hans F. Koenekamp, Leonard Smith  Editor: Sam Zimbalist  Art director: Robert Stevens


IMAGE COMING SOON An elderly toymaker (Larry Semon) is visited in his study by a young girl who presents to him the L. Frank Baum book 'The Wizard Of Oz'.  He puts the girl on his lap and turns the pages of the book to reveal the credits for the film which we are watching.  Clever.
The townsfolk of Oz have awoken to find their baby princess is gone.  Years later and the kingdom is ruled by a self-elected sinister Prime Minister Kruel (Josef Swickard) and his aides, Lady Vishuss (Virginia Pearson) and Ambassador Wikked (Otto Lederer).  Prince Kynd (Bryant Washburn) is, however a highly respected


  Favourite bit

•The original film was tinted in brown, and purple.
Did you notice?

Larry Semon
Scarecrow / Toymaker / Farmhand
  Dorothy Dwan
Dorothy / Princess Dorothea
  Mary Carr
Aunt Em
Virginia Pearson
Lady Vishuss
Bryant Washburn
Prince Kynd
Josef Swickard
Prime Minister Kruel
  Charles Murray
Wizard of Oz
  Oliver Hardy
Woodsman / Knight of the Garter / Farmhand
  Frank Alexander
Uncle Henry / Prince of Whales
  Otto Lederer
Ambassador Wikked
  Frederick Ko Vert
Phantom of the Basket
  Curtis McHenry
Cowardly lion / Rastus / Snowball
  William Hauber
(unknown character)
  William Dinus
(unknown character)
Jean Johnston
Little girl in opening sequence

Jesse Brisson (help identifying Jean Johnston)

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