Lincoln Stedman
born: 18 May 1901
Denver, Colorado,
United States of America
died: 22 March 1948
Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
(heart failure and disease, age 46)
Bulky American actor who started out as a teenager in silent films.
There are several well-known sources that (absent a birth record) give his birth year (incorrectly) as 1906 or 1907. A blurb in the "Chicago Tribune" 1902 April 06 p.62 states "Mr & Mrs Marshall Stedman and their son, Lincoln Stedman, of Apex, CO are visiting Mrs Stedman's parents of.........".
Of interest, Lincoln's 1942 WWII Draft Card gives his height as 5'11 1/2" and weight of 180 lbs. and the May 18, 1901 birth date, Denver, CO. His 1948 Death Certificate says "usual occupation: retail liquor business".
He was sometimes mistaken for Roy Brooks.
Real name: Lincoln Marshall Stedman
Height: 5'11½"
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The Hug Bug

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