Barbara Rogers
born: 03 June 1912
Macon, Georgia,
United States of America
died: 1941
New York City,
United States of America
(drug overdose, age 29)
American actress. She married MGM (formerly Warner Bros.) executive William Koenig on 24 February 1935 in Los Angeles.  She held an interlocutory divorce decree from him on 14 April 1937, citing desertion and that he was "sullen and morose".  She "charged that her husband would not speak to her, preferred to read.  He often left home and lived in a hotel..."  She was awarded $25,000+ in jewelry and furs, and $250/week alimony per property settlement.
Real name: Emma Lee Rogers
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Mrs. Barnacle Bill
Mrs. Barnacle Bill,
Spanky's mother

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