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Frauds And Frenzies
Vitagraph Company of America

Release date:
18 November 1918
  Silent short:
2 reels
Larry Semon
Larry Semon, C. Graham Barker
Larry Semon & Albert E. Smith

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  ....... Stan is a convict, and along with fellow con Larry Semon is outdoors picking rocks and generally sciving.  As the two fool around, teasing the guards with their suggested attempts of escape, they manage to slip away undetected.  Outside they pursue a flirtatious woman, who unbeknownst to them is none other than the warden's daughter.  She takes them both back to her house and whatever intentions she may have had are soon quashed when her father arrives.  Cue the quick exit from Semon when Stan is handcuffed to the warden.

There is some good comic timing, mild slapstick and a well-worked routine here and there, not to mention a couple of good stunts.
Favourite bit    
      There is a brilliant little routine with Stan and Larry Semon as they are caught fooling around by an armed guard.  They hook up and swap hats with a windmill motion of swinging their arms.  Blink and you'll miss it.
According to legend, there was a reason why Stan Laurel did not show up in the last part of the film: an actor by the name of Antonio Moreno visited the set and viewed the rushes of the film. He said that Stan was the better of the two (Laurel/Semon) and he was destined for bigger and better things. It is assumed that Semon heard of this observation and didn't want to be upstaged by the "better" comedian and thus wrote him out of the final few scenes.
Did you notice?
Larry Semon
Larry, the first prisoner
Stan Laurel
Simp, the second prisoner
Madge Kirby
Dolly Dare
William McCall
  William Hauber
Prison guard
  John George