Chasing The Chaser
  Director:  Stan Laurel
Producer:  Hal Roach
Writers:  Stan Laurel & James Parrott
Cinematography:  Art Lloyd
    Hal Roach Studios/Pathé Exchange
5 July 1925

  ....... A suspicious wife contacts a detective agency when she suspects her husband is messing around with other women.  When she demands to see the man in charge, the secretary pulls off her wig to reveal that she is in fact a man in disguise and uses this to snag the victim (Finlayson).

The ten minutes are padded out with the husband following women along the sidewalk and even getting himself involved with a baby in a pram, who squashes his hat.

To be fair it's not all that funny.  The disturbing part about is the fact the detective looks very convincing as a woman!
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•The IMDb list the wife as Marjorie Whiteis.  I have long suspected this is not true and instead I have gone with my own judgment and named her as Lyle Tayo.
Did you notice?

James Finlayson
Gilor, the husband
Lyle Tayo
Frederick Ko Vert
William Gillespie
Villie Latimer
Fay Wray
  Jules Mendel
(unknown role)