Eddie Clayton
born: 08 January 1901
Charleston, West Virginia,
United States of America
died: 03 April 1959
University VA Hospital,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
United States of America
(throat cancer and pneumonia, age 57)
American actor, the son of Emory Clay Jones and Geneva Florence Mason. His father was a successful insurance agent in Charleston [Dad's 1933 obituary w/family names]. His grandfather was Edward Clayton Jones.
Evidence of Eddie in Texas is slim but I think he was in Fort Worth in the teens and twenties. His folks were well-off and could have sent him to school there. The WV Culture Center Archives in Charleston checked the school yearbooks and could not find him and I could not find him in Ft.Worth Yearbooks either. The EDWARD CLAYTON (b.WV) in the 1940 Census has 2 years of HS and works as a accountant for the WPA as if he has come full cycle. The Death Certificate has him as an "office worker". His Dad's 1933 obit names a half-sister in "Texas" but I haven't found her. The 1920 Census has EDDIE with his family in Charleston employed as "paymaster for a gas company and the EDWARD C. JONES in Ft.Worth is an accountant for an oil company and the other personal details pretty well match. In TX, he is lodging with the SEDGWICK Family and I tried to link them to EDDIE's one-time director EDWARD SEDGWICK (from Galveston, TX) but haven't been able to connect them. EDDIE's being in 2 places at once in 1920 is not that unusual when a young family member was away at school, in the military, etc... I believe his Charleston Family gave the Census Taker information as though he were living at home. This happened to HAZEL HOWELL in 1920. She is listed with her family on the ranch and also as a boarder with a family in downtown Los Angeles. EDDIE's 2 studio bios say he was born in Charleston, WV and educated in Texas.
He is buried in Spring Hill Cemetery, Kanawha County, West Virginia, USA.
Real name: Edward Warner Jones
Height: 5'9"
Films listed on this page: complete Hal Roach filmography.


Flaming Fathers

Pick A Star

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1922 Sep12 "Fort Worth Star Telegram" p.12 Ad for "Dangerous Little Demon" insert "SEE EDDIE JONES".
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TEXAS Connection:
"Fort Worth (TX) Star Telegram":
1921 Nov.30 p .2 Ad for "Love Charm" " EDDIE CLAYTON JONES A Well Known Fort Worth Boy in Cast"
1922 Sep12 p.12 Ad for "Dangerous Little Demon" insert "SEE EDDIE JONES"

"Charleston (WV) Daily Mail"
1922 Apr 7 p.13 Ad for "Dangerous Little Demon" "Eddie Jones from Charleston in Big Exhibition Dance"

Newspaper movie advertisements show he was "claimed" by both cities.

1920 Census for Ft.Worth has EDWARD C. JONES b.WV is accountant for oil co.age 19 and boards with CHARLES SEDGWICK.
1940 Census for L.A.........has EDWARD CLAYTON b.WV is accountant for W.P.A.age 39 has 2 yrs. High School education.

Jim Jarvis (research and information)
Jesse Brisson (help and information)

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