Their Purple Moment  
19 May 1928
silent short

Director Producer Supervising director Titles Cinematography Editor
James Parrott Hal Roach Leo McCarey H.M. Walker George Stevens Richard C. Currier

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Stan arrives home and is immediately accosted by his money-grabbing wife, who demands he hand over every piece of change he has on him. He gives to her what she believes to be all of it but he doesn't notice her observing him putting what he has left in a rather ingenious hiding place - on the inside lining of a picture on the wall which opens up to reveal a pocket stuffed full of cash.  Soon after, Ollie and his wife arrive and he reveals how his wife found all his money too ("she's a bloodhound", he quips.)
Oblivious that Stan's wife has switched his hidden money with some coupons the boys suggest they be allowed to go to the bowling alley, which surprisingly the wives agree to.  It is soon apparent however, they have other intentions on their minds.  They leave the house and it isn't long before they encounter two girls stranded outside a restaurant after their fellas have fled, owing the money for a meal they had just 'bought' them.  Confident he has enough money about him to take care of the payment, Stan agrees to clear the debt if the ladies will escort him and Ollie into the restaurant for a meal.  They do, but not before the local gossip sees them and runs home to tell their wives.
After a short while Stan realises he doesn't have any money and tries to leave undetected with Ollie, but are confronted by the angry wives ("you'll never get them to believe this is a bowling alley" remarks Stan).  As the boys are pursued into the kitchen a pie-throwing routine ensues and the film ends.

  Favourite bit

•Filmed between February 15-24, 1928.
•Some of the sketches used here were re-worked into their sound shorts such as Blotto (which once again features Anita Garvin and Tiny Sandford), and Below Zero (Sandford again as the head waiter when the boys can't pay for their meals).
•In the Laurel's hallway there is a portrait where Stan hides his money.  The man in the picture is Frederick Sullivan.

Did you notice?

Stan Laurel
Mr. Pincher
Oliver Hardy
Anita Garvin
Oliver's girlfriend
Kay Deslys
Mr. Pincher's girlfriend
Fay Holderness
Mrs. Pincher
Tiny Sandford
Lyle Tayo
Mrs. Hardy
Leo Willis
Cab driver
Jack Lloyd
Harry Earles
Midget performer
DVD screencapture - Lord Heath - Laurel & Hardy - Another Nice Mess -
Jack Hill
Doorman / Pink Pup patron
Sam Lufkin
Dorothy Coburn
Hat check girl
Dorothea Wolbert
Clara Guiol
Cigarette girl
Chet Brandenburg

Ed Brandenburg
Nightclub patron
Waiter who gets tripped
Jack O'Brien
Nightclub patron
Gene Morgan
Midget performer


"Laurel And Hardy - The Magic Behind The Movies" by Randy Skretvedt (book)
Jim Clewer (identification of the Brandenburg brothers)
Jesse Brisson (identification of Jack O'Brien)

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