In January 1925 Hal Roach signed James Finlayson to a series of 1-reel shorts. Unfortunately only six films were made before the series was discontinued. Rob Stone's list states that a James Finlayson screen test was shot Jan. 12-17, 1925.

For a complete list of all the films made by Hal Roach in which James Finlayson appears (including all from this series), please refer to this page.

Are Husbands Human?  [D-84]  (12 Apr 1925)
Sure-Mike!  [D-85]  (24 May 1925)
In The Grease  [D-87]  (21 June 1925)
Chasing The Chaser  [D-88]  (05 July 1925)
Yes, Yes, Nanette  [D-90]  (19 July 1925)
Unfriendly Enemies  [D-89]  (13 Sep 1925)