Dorothy Comingore
born: 24 August 1913
Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
died: 30 December 1971
Stonington, Connecticut,
United States of America
(pulmonary disease, aged 58)
American actress with a troubled personal life.  She was discovered by Charlie Chaplin and was later billed as 'Linda Winters' for the period 1938-1941.  Her biggest breakthrough came in 1941 when she cast as the female lead in Orson Welles' "Citizen Kane".
In 1951 she was blacklisted and her acting career was over.  A year later she was arrested on a solicitation charge and spent two years in Camarillo State Mental Hospital.  Her personal life spiralled out of control when she lost custody of her children and become an alcoholic.
Real name: Margaret Louise Comingore
Height: 5'4"
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The Awful Goof
Charley's fiancée

The Heckler
Ole's girlfriend

South Of The Boudoir
Mrs. Chase's friend

Brent Seguine (identification in The Heckler)
Jesse Brisson (identification in South Of The Boudoir)

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