Michael Mark

born: 15 March 1886
Mogilev, Belarus,
died: 03 February 1975
Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
(congestive heart failure, age 88)

Russian actor who immigrated to the United States in 1910. According to his 1937 citizenship declaration and 1944 Marriage Certificate, he was an actor and stage director and owned his own "drama studio" in Los Angeles. His wife, Josephine Cohen, (she 27: he 55) was a clerk for a lingerie manufacturer, divorced and this was her 2nd of 3 marriages. The Declaration of Intent says he came to the USA from Russia thru Hamburg, Germany in 1905. (Other sources say 1907 and 1910).
His 1942 Draft Card and 1944 Marriage License give his name as "Michael Leo Mark". His Dad was named "Leo".
Real name: Morris Schulman
Height: 5'6"
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Noisy Noises
Voice coach

Thin Twins

Swiss Miss
Astonished Swiss villager

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