Mildred Gover

born: 22 June 1903
Dover, Maryland,
United States of America
died: 11 September 1947
Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
(cardiac failure; decompensation; hypertension, age 44)

Black American actress. Her father was Joseph Hawkins, born in Jamaica (R.W.I.) and her mother was Augusta Lewis, born in Maryland. There is a possibility that both parents were actually from Mississippi. The 1940 CA Census has Mildred born in Michigan. She hasn't been positively located in prior Census's, but there is a married Mildred "GLOVER" (b.1896) in the 1920 Chicago Census, living with her husband and her Mom, AUGUSTA HAWKINS! There are too many discrepancies to say definitively that she is Mildred "GOVER".
Evidently, Mildred was relatively successful. The 1940 Census says that she earned $1,750 the prior year for 44 weeks of employment as a motion picture actress. She completed 4 years of High School. She also did some stage acting in LA.
A July 1945 newspaper blurb says she had been very ill for 6 months and "confined to her room".
The data is taken strictly from Mildred's 1947 CA Death Certificate, the information for which was given by a third party who we don't know how well knew Mildred and the information was given decades after her birth.
Real name: Mildred Hawkins
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Poker At Eight
Hattie, the maid

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Jim Jarvis (research and information)

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