The Show  
  19 March 1922  
  silent short

Director/Writer Producer Cinematography Editor Assistant director
Larry Semon Norman Taurog Albert E. Smith Hans E. Koenekamp ? Roland Asher

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  A magic act performs on stage to an audience, whilst the stagehand (Hardy) robs the leading actress of her jewels backstage. This results in him, and the rest of his gang, being pursued along the top of a moving train by the chasing ensemble of cops as well as one of the theatre actors Semon).

Silent two-reel comedy with Larry Semon, featuring Oliver Hardy. There are a couple of decent sight-gags, and the last five minutes are quite brilliant; a train ploughing through the middle of a mobile home which has been unhooked on the railway tracks, cops being pulled along on by the train with their backsides gliding on the rails. There is a ballsy stunt performed by Semon towards the end (which you can see is real) where he narrowly avoids being hit by the oncoming train.

•Filmed October 13- November 1921.
•Filmed at Vitagraph Studios and in Glandale, California, USA.
•Working titles: "Props"; "The Show Shop".
•Copyrighted February 11, 1922 (LP17545) by Vitagraph Company of America.
•William Hauber acted as Larry Semon's stunt double.
Did you notice?
•During the magician's routine, the cockrel briefly changes colour from white to red - and then back to white again (around 11 minutes).

Larry Semon
Prop man/Gentle onlooker
Oliver Hardy
Stage manager/
Audience member
Frank Alexander
Ballet dancer/
Wife of man with family
Lucille Carlisle
Leading lady
Betty Young
Alice Davenport
Audience member
Al Thompson
Man who smuggles family in
Pete Gordon
Smuggler's son
Frank J. Coleman
Audience member/Woman with hat/Cop
Jack Miller
Grover Ligon
Audience member/
Bald policeman
William Hauber
Audience member
Ernie Adams
Audience member
Madame Sul-Te-Wan
Coy Watson Jr.


Laurel Or Hardy by Rob Stone (book)
Steve Massa (identification of William Hauber and Grover Ligon)

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