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~DLH, February 2021.


APR 11:
-Steve Rydzewski has identified Jack Adams in Sugar Daddies and The Battle Of The Century.
APR 02:
-Thanks to Ian Taylor for his fourth donation to the site. All donations for this website are being put towards my "Walk To Wales" fund: On July 26th 2021 I will be walking from London to Wales over a period of 10 days.
MAR 30:
-Added Judith Vosselli, Nance O'Neil, Elsa Alsen, Florence Lake, Wallace MacDonald, James Bradbury Jr., John Carroll, Frankie Genardi and Albertina Rasch to the site.
-Updated the page for Jack Dart.
-Added lots of stills, lobby cards, poster and film articles for The Rogue Song, as well as completing the cast listing.
MAR 28:
-Clearing more of the e-mails backlog. Today's updates were submitted from Craig Calman:
-Added Harry Northrup, Lucy Beaumont, Lumsden Hare, Paul Lukas to the site.
-Added new film credits for Bob O'Conor, Lester Dorr, Robert Milasch, Jim Mason, Frank Hagney, Grant Gorman and Anita Garvin.
-Jim Jarvis has provided a head shot image for Charles Hagar.
MAR 27:
-Viewed and reviewed a Oliver Hardy solo film The Pest (1917) after it was given to me this week. Awful rubbish.
MAR 26:
-As from today this website now has a secure certificate and is now https:// (instead of the old http://). You should see the secure padlock symbol next to the URL name in your browser whenever you are the site from now on. My thanks to Chris Bungo and his staff for making this happen. I was advised not to make any changes or updates to the site in the past few days whilst this was done. So now it's back to work with sifting through the backlog of e-mails on my "to do" list, which believe it or not has reduced from 230 to just 56.
-New updates from the e-mail backlog now applied [courtesy Craig Calman]: Updated the pages for Marc Lawrence, Jack Mulhall, Lyle Tayo, Evelyn Burns and James Finlayson with new film credits.
-Fixed the broken link for Crete Carton when accessed from the Actors A-Z page.
-Added an image to represent Jack Roach.
-Updated the page for Helen Dale with new film credit. [thanks to Jim & Jesse]
-Updated Bob Minford's page with a couple of new screenshots.
-I have been handed a rare Oliver Hardy solo film, "The Pest" (1917) which I will add shortly.
MAR 21:
-Thanks to Eric Schultz for his 35th donation to the site. It helps a lot.
-With regards to this website, I constantly receive e-mails from fans who want to contribute information, send suggestions and offer corrections. I really appreciate that, but sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed with it all and find myself becoming lazy in actually attending to it. Whenever I receive such a mail I either deal with it straight away or send it to a folder called "TO DO" on my e-mail InBox. Today I thought I would make a deliberate start to go and sort some of them out now and clear the folder. Then I saw how far back they go! My first e-mail in the folder dates back 8 years to April 2013!!! I have 230 mails to go through. Let's go:
-Steve Phillips sent me DVD comparison notes for Pardon Us from June 2013, which are now up on the page.
-Added this still for The Old Wallop, courtesy Steve Randisi.
-Updated the page for Patsy O'Byrne with 11 new film credits, taking her from 9 - to 20 films and into the Top Stars chart. (#145, level with ZaSu Pitts now) Thanks to Craig Calman.
MAR 20:
-Added screenshot for Flaette Roberts, so now we know what she looks like.
-Bob Peterson has identified some of the girl tap-dancers in Our Gang's Aladdin's Lantern (1938); as well as ID'ing Betsy Gay and Gloria Browne in The Pinch Singer (1936) and Arbor Day (1936).
-Peter Mikkelsen has sent a hi-res scan replacement for this image of Edna Marion and Charle Chase.
-Jesse Brisson has finally uncovered the identity of "the mystery man". I had noticed this same actor in several Roach films over the years but never had a name for him so I listed him on the site as 'The Mystery Man'. But now finally he has a name: he is Bob Minford. I would have announced this earlier but I have had to go through the films and manually change all the code over to reflect his identity. Still haven't quite finished doing it but here you go.....
-Robert Winslow has submitted extensive bio information on Marvin Loback and Harry Bowen.
-Robert Winslow has submitted his review and notes for the Charley Chase film Okay Toots! (1935), which I have now published on the site.
-Added Frank Benson, Margaret Morgan, Bea Nigro and Edward Thomas to the site.
-Rick Greene has sent in a colour poster to replace the grainy black & white one previously on the site for Saps At Sea (1940).
MAR 19:
-FINALLY! After ten months I have now sought after and been granted the permission to finally publish the screenshots for my review of Charley Chase's Leaping Love (1929). Whereas I am very grateful for the trust and confidence shown in me, I am also disgusted and frustrated by the continuous attitude of those who want to keep this stuff hidden away and locked up for ever. This is the sort of shit that makes me just walk away from doing this website. My sincere thanks to my source for the film - who has strictly told me he wishes to remain anonymous.
MAR 17:
-Peter Mikkelsen has sent 19 high quality hi-resolution stills to the site for Flying Elephants - including a new one of Dorothy Coburn! They can be found on "section 2" on the page.
-Jim Jarvis has offered some additional information (including correct birth date) for Ruth Adams.
MAR 16:
-Thanks to Irv Hyatt for his 21st donation to the site. Which has reminded me.... I have a website to update!
-Robert Winslow has contributed a lot of information regarding the Charley Chase film All Parts (1928).
MAR 08:
-Fellow Brit Lewis Davenport has sent me an extensive amount of research he has conducted on Frank Terry/Nat Clifford. It confirms that he was BRITISH and not American (which when you think about it makes sense, given his accent). Great work, Lewis.
MAR 07:
-Another collaboration with Robert Winslow, co-creator of The Back Lot Tour, who has once again submitted an extensive review and trivia notes for the Musical-Comedy Benny, From Panama (1934). Another credit for Edgar Sherrod, but I do have to say I do disagree with Robert's other suggestions of unidentified cast members.
MAR 04:
-Page upgrade with new trivia notes sent in by Robert Winslow, for Charley Chase's Another Wild Idea (1934). He confirms my suspicion of Billy Engle (now 42 film credits), and also adds Eddie Dunn (now 38) to the cast liast as well. Great work, thanks Bob. Got tons of other stuff to add but it's finding the time to do it all.
MAR 03:
-More identified actors from It Happened One Day include: Charles Dorety (now 22 film credits), Art Rowlands (12), Ray Turner (7), Bobby Callahan (6), and Harry Dunkinson (4). All pages now updated. Thanks to Jesse for his help.
MAR 02:
-Viewed and reviewed Charley Chase's It Happened One Day (1934) after some extensive notes sent to me by Robert Winslow. Found some previously-uncredited actors as well: Carl M. Leviness (now 16 film credits), Ernie Alexander (26), and Harry Bernard (96), (and a possible Charles Dorety?). So that bumps all of their credits up. A good day's work. Thanks Bob, for the motivation on this one.

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