Voight Williams

born: 11 December 1930
Dallas, Texas,
United States of America
died: 27 August 1959
Jackson, Mississippi,
United States of America
(car hit moving freight train, age 28)

American child actor. He and his father owned a successful foreign car (Renault) dealership in Jackson, MS. On a Thursday at 1 AM, he was driving home and struck the middle of a moving freight train and was killed. The engineer didn't know it. The RR crossing was unlighted and unguarded. The city had been pushing for the IC Railroad to install crossing gates as this had been the 5th accident at the site that year. Voyt left a wife and 2 children. His widow sued the RR for $700,000 but was awarded $60,000 on the grounds of Voyt's "contributory negligence" as he was "speeding".
His remains are interred in Restlawn Memorial Park, Altus, Oklahoma.
Real name: Voyt Williams Jr.
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Came The Brawn
Audience extra

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