Tommy Hicks

born: 30 January 1916
Fort Worth, Texas,
United States of America
died: 26 March 1984
Westminster, California,
United States of America
(age 68)

American child actor. Not to be confused with Tommie Hicks - one of this website's greatest of allies. It was previously thought he was the fat boy in the car in Our Gang's "A Pleasant Journey", but this proved to be incorrect.
Real name: Thomas Boudrie Hicks
Films listed on this page: complete Hal Roach filmography.


A Pleasant Journey
Fat boy in car*

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Acknowledgements & sources:
Drina Mohacsi & Matthew Lydick (information regarding appearance in A Pleasant Journey) (photo 1924 Jan 5"Exhibitors Herald" p.32.)
(1940 Oct. WWII Draft Card says 1915 birth year: "BOUDRIE" is his own signature for middle name: age 25 height 5'10 1/2": weight 260 lbs) (1916 Jan Birth Cert: delayed birth issued 1941 Dec 27: "BOUDRIE" middle name)
Jim Jarvis (information)

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