Tommy Bupp

born: 10 February 1924
Norfolk, Virginia,
United States of America
died: 24 December 1983
Santa Ana, California,
United States of America
(cancer, age 59)

American child actor, the brother of Sonny Bupp. Edmond Bupp Sr. worked as a department store manager. Interestingly, of the 7 family members, all were born in different States (coast-to-coast) except for two. (1930 Census). Besides being a prolific child film actor, Tommy (Jr.) dubbed cartoon character voices for various major studios; played a major continuing role in a radio series and acted in professional stage plays. Eleven days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, he enlisted in the US Navy and served as a Gunner's Mate. After his military service, he left acting and owned and operated a successful electrical wholesale business until his death.
He is interred at Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside, California.
Real name: Edmond Thomas Bupp
Height: 5'9"
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Babes In Toyland

Acknowledgements: (Our Gang Wiki) (well researched, documented bio by Chuck Anderson) (site maintained by his son: cancer death: electrical business) (1930 Census Oakland, CA) (Draft Card: adult height: birth info)
Jim Jarvis (information and research)

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