Tom Figee

born: 17 February 1881
Haarlem, Holland,
died: 06 August 1941
Wildwood Sanatorium, Newhall (uninc), Los Angeles County, California,
United States of America
(tuberculosis, age 60)

Dutch-born actor. At the age of 19 he immigrated from Holland to the US (Woodbridge, New Jersey). Later, he moved to Canada (1906) as a laborer and gained work as a Canadian Mountie (police) for about 3 years and moved to Oregon and worked as a mounted policeman. In Los Angeles in late 1917 he volunteered for the WWI Royal Canadian Expeditionary Force as an actor/linguist speaking 5 languages.
His Death Certificate says he had pulmonary tuberculosis for 4 years and 7 months. He spent the final 2 years of his life at the Wildwood Sanatorium.
One researcher has Tom born in Alaska as "Thomas Marie Fejes" without citing a source. The link below has a photo of the actual Dutch birth certificate which says "Thomas Figee".
Real name: Thomas Figee
Height: 5'11½"
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Among Those Present
(as T. Figer)

The Late Lamented

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Acknowledgements: (1881 Feb 17 Birth Certificate Thomas Figee: Haarlem, Netherlands) (1900 C NJ: actually says "Feb" 1881 birth) (1906 Jun: imm. to Montreal, Canada) (1908 Jun: imm. to USA as mounted policeman) (1910 C Gresham, OR: range rider on farm) (1917 Nov 13 LA: vol for CAN Expeditionary Force: 5'11 3/4") (1935 Mar LA: Citizenship: 5'11 1/2") (1941 Aug 6 Newhall (uninc) LA Co: Death Cert) (1942 Aug 6: Figee here for 2 yrs)
Jim Jarvis (research and bio notes)

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