The Pest
King Bee
2 reels

Series: Babe Hardy
Released: 15 November 1917
Prod. No.
My rating: 1/10

Director: Arvid E. Gillstrom    Producer: Louis Burstein   

Cast: Billy West, Babe Hardy, Ethlyn Gibson, Budd Ross, Leo White

Plot summary:
Billy West is an annoying nuisance who hangs out in a posh hotel. Babe Hardy is a newlywed who shows up with his new wife and takes an immediate disliking to him.

My opinion:
I have absolutely zero respect for Billy West. So let's get that out of the way straight away. The only significance of this film is the fact Oliver Hardy is in it. If not for that I never would have bothered watching it. There is a scene when a woman continuously walks around a circular seat in the lobby whilst reading a book. My god, it actually made me ANGRY just watching it. I absolutely hated it! I genuinely cannot understand why anybody would find this shit amusing?

•Filmed in Bayonne, New Jersey.
•Working title: The Meddlar.
•Also known as The Freeloader. There is a scene where Billy West pulls a sign off Babe Hardy's back and then quickly shows it to the camera. What camera? Seems odd that someone would hold up a sign to a "camera" that wasn't supposedly there?

Billy West
The pest
Oliver Hardy
Ethelyn Gibson
Hotel guest
Budd Ross
The bellboy
Leo White
The count



Laurel Or Hardy by Rob Stone (book)
Dave Glass (film)

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